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Here are the final ten things that the National Trust reckons everyone should have done before their 12th birthday.  These are grouped under ‘Explorer’...

1  Plant it, grow it, eat it
2  Go swimming in the sea
3  Build a raft
4  Go bird watching
5  Find your way with a map and compass
6  Try rock climbing
7  Cook on a campfire
8  Learn to ride a horse
9  Find a geocache
10  Canoe down a river

My score’s average with this group; I haven’t tried 3, 5, 9 or 10 - I don’t really know what a ‘geocache’ actually is but, as soon as I do, I intend to go out and find one.

This whole exercise has, though, made me feel very inadequate...

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Here are the answers to the Royal Oak Quiz posted a few days ago.
1  Carrie
2  Albert Einstein
3  Flake
4  He’s the new Italian PM
5  Her broomstick
6  Sir Lancelot
Casino Royale
8  Golf ball detectors
9  Orange (Saffron)
10  Bucket
11  Cummerbund
12  Repetitive Strain Injury
13  Clove
14  Pennywise
15  The Feathers
16  Skye
17  Dog
18  Neptune
19  Alexander Armstrong
20  £80 Million

21  A golden ball
22  A bag of gold coins
23  Porridge
24  The birds ate them
25  Her voice

26  Family Guy
27  Auf Weidersehen Pet
28  Only Fools & Horses
29  The Big Bang Theory
30  Dukes of Hazzard

The Tie-Breaker answer is 1894.
The Snowball answer is 732.

How well did you do?  I got a measly 9. 

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Let’s see now...
Vivienne can make it on 29 or 31 May.
Hildie can do 25 to 31 May and 1 to 6 June, except that Birkheads is closed on three of those days.
Dave Shannon can do 31 May to June 10, except that Birkheads is closed on three of those days, too.
So Hildie seems to be right.  We’re kind of homing in on 31 May, aren’t we?
No, we’re not. 
I can’t go that day...

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This posting is adorned with three more pictures from my collection of arty postcards.  I’m honestly beginning to wonder what they are saying about me...

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Bentonbag said...

Most disappointed - I went into town yesterday morning and you weren't sitting outside Thorntons drinking coffee with someone!

Bentonbag said...

I think you should use the artworks for caption competitions. For example the top one could read "Keep shovelling Paul no-one will know it was us burying Sweeney in these habits"

Hildie said...

I have just seen your update on the AGM ......

ummmm ...

the best laid plans of
mice and men ....

Bentonbag said...

Caption for third pic:
Thanks to the wardrobe mistress Paul's foray in pantomime dame playing was not the success it could have been.

Bentonbag said...

And for the middle picture:
"I've told you before Adrian, you've got to get dressed before you can take the dog for a walk."

Ian Robinson said...

Love your captions, Brenda. What can you come up with for the Lady of Shalott painting at the top of 454?

Bentonbag said...

"As the boys weighted bodies were swallowed up by the waters of the North Tyne La Sweeney realised she was going to miss the Geordie Jet sketches"

Bentonbag said...

Call the apostrophe police! It should be "boys'". I shall be hounded out of the copy checkers' club.