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Here are the next ten things that the National Trust reckons all children should have done before their twelfth birthday.  The general heading for these is ‘Tracker’...

1  Hunt for bugs
2  Find some frogspawn
3  Catch a falling leaf
4  Track wild animals
5  Discover what’s in a pond
6  Make a home for a wild animal
7  Check out the crazy creatures in a rockpool
8  Bring up a butterfly
9  Catch a crab
10  Go on a nature walk at night

I felt really pleased with myself about the last group of items - even smug.

Well, all that conceited self-satisfaction has evaporated now.  I am appalled to report that I haven’t done any of the things on this list - and I’m a lot older than 12.

What’s your score????

And speaking of scores….

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Here’s another Royal Oak quiz for you to get your teeth into.  Questions 21 to 25 are about Fairy Tales and 26 to 30 are all taken from lyrics to tv theme songs.

See how many of these you can answer without resorting to reference books or the internet…

1  What name links a Stephen King novel, a Cliff Richard song, and Princess Leia?
2  Who was famously offered the presidency of Israel in 1952 but turned it down?
3  Which well known chocolate bar was originally created from the wasted chocolate skimmed off the moulds of other chocolate bars?
4  Which job has Enrico Letta just taken up?
5  In The Wizard of Oz, what did Dorothy have to steal from the Wicked Witch of the West?
6  Which of the Knights of the Round Table was Queen Guinevere’s lover?
7  In which Ian Fleming novel did James Bond make his first appearance?
8  Conman James McCormick allegedly made £55m selling gadgets he claimed were bomb detectors – what were they in reality?
9  What colour are the robes of a Buddhist monk in Thailand?
10  In Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, what is Charlie’s surname?
11  Men wearing evening dress sometimes wear a sash around their waists. What's it called?
12  Many computer workers suffer from RSI. What does RSI stand for?
13  Oil obtained from which spice is used to help relieve toothache?
14  What was the name of the clown in the Stephen King story It?
15  In the tv sitcom The Royle Family, what is the name of their local pub?
16  Talisker malt whiskey is distilled on which island?
17  In the children’s tv series Willo The Wisp, what sort of animal was The Moog?
18  Triton, Proteus and Neireid are the three largest moons of which planet?
19  Since Angus Deayton left the show, which comedy actor has presented the most episodes of Have I Got News For You?
20  To the nearest million, how much did Real Madrid pay Man Utd for Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009?

21  In The Frog Prince, what did the frog rescue from the bottom of the pond when the princess dropped it?
22  In Jack and the Beanstalk, what was the first thing that Jack stole from the Giant?
23  In Goldilocks and The Three Bears, what is the first thing belonging to the bears that Goldilocks tries?
24  What happened to Hansel’s trail of breadcrumbs that was supposed to help him and Gretel out of the forest?
25  What did the Little Mermaid agree to give to the Sea Witch in order to get her legs?

26  Lucky there’s a man who positively can do all the things that make us laugh and cry
27  Working all day for a pittance of pay then you blow it on a Saturday night. When you kiss the dames and don’t ask their names.
28  TV’s, Deep Freeze, David Bowie LPs, pool games, gold chains, wosnames and at a push, some Trevor Francis tracksuits from a mush in Shepherd’s Bush
29  The Earth began to cool, the artotrophs began to drool, Neanderthals developed tools. We built a wall, we built the pyramids.
30  Straightening the curve, flattening the hills, someday the mountain might get them, but the law never will

The first pound note was introduced in which year?
How many minutes of playing time did it take Fernando Torres to score his first goal for Chelsea?

Big Thanks to Ross for sending me the Royal Oak Quizzes...

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Over the years I’ve visited a lot of art galleries and, when I do, I try to buy postcards of the pictures I like best when I’m there.
Recently, I’ve been scanning some of those postcards into my computer.  The picture at the top is The Lady of Shallot (by Waterhouse) and the lower picture is by Holman Hunt (although I can’t remember what it’s called).

I have no recollection of ever having seen the abstract work featured in the middle but I suppose I must have done…

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...will take place at 1100 on Thursday 30 May at Birkheads Nursery - although, judging from reaction so far, I may well be the only one there...

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Ryan Cross in Crookham Village, Hampshire said...

One day I'll co-ordinate a visit to Newcastle with an AGM, and join you all for a coffee and a catch-up.

There are some wonderfull arty places to visit in the North East, and I've been to most of them. You're very lucky to have so much and so close-by.

I was just looking at the BBC website. The Blue Bus homepage is still active, along with some pics from some of the shows. That was a wonderful program. I learnt so much about the North East by listning in.... thanks Ian

Vivienne said...

Hi Ian,

Well cherries may well be what life is not a bowl of, but Cherryburn is preventing me from attending the AGM on 30th! I'm working that day and also this Thursday at Cherryburn. I am free on 23rd though.

Hildie said...

If you contemplate changing the date, Ian ...... because it's half-term I can do
Sat 25
Sun 26
Mon 27
Tues 28
Weds 29
Thurs 30
even Fri 31
and 1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th
of June.

Could you fit in with one of those dates .... Vivienne?

I have to confess that I don't have official permission to ask about these new dates ... but I suspect Ian may be open to suggestion!

Try let us know as soon as possible
.... we need to catch Ian before he leaves the building!

Then - we'll have to find out which date Ian would be able to make it.

I'm afraid I can't do the date you mentioned above (23rd May) ...
I'll be reading and scribing, that day, at St. Bede's School.

Have you got a day free that matches any of mine? The June dates would probably be better for Stephen and Heidi I think.

I'm really glad you are still with us and look forward to seeing you at an AGM one of these days.
You should let us know when you are heading up this way ... I'm sure Ian would arrange an AGM to suit .... he's really very accomodating!
I'll have to have a look at the Blue Bus page.
Hope all is well with you.

Forgive me,Ian, for all of this ..... it may not seem like it ... but I'm trying to help Vivienne.

As for Sid - if I was guessing -
I'd imagine midweek would be best

Ian - I won't blame you if you were to just kill me now!

Or... you could delete my comment!

Anyway, Vivienne,
what d'ya think?

Birkheads Secret Gardens
here we come!

Vivienne said...

Hi Hildie,

I've just checked on Birkheads' Blog. They are usually closed on Mondays and Tuesdays except for Bank Holidays. I think they will be pretty busy over this Bank Holiday if the weather is good. I know, that's a big IF.

Wed 29th or Fri 31st are probably my best days. I generally volunteer at George Stephenson's Birthplace on Saturdays and/ or Sundays, and Gibside on Tuesdays (although not this week - not well!)I've also being doing some casual hours at Cherryburn, but these will become less frequent when a part-time post is filled. I'm not applying as I don't want to work set days, especially Sundays.

Thanks for trying to include everyone Hildie. You're doing a wonderful job, keeping us all in the loop.

Lots of love,
Vivienne xxx

Hildie said...

Sending hugs to you and Serge.

I've had a message from Dave Shannon, Ian.He says
31st May to 10th June
is OK for him.

Vivienne has mentioned
31st May too.

Ian Robinson said...

Agreed, Ryan - it's really good to hear from you, however rarely! I'm beginning to think that an AGM in Hampshire would be a whacko idea...

Bentonbag said...

Caption for third picture:-
"I don't care what David Cameron says Mary: we need more child minders for this number of toddlers."