Our next - and perhaps even our final - AGM will take place at 1100 on Thursday 8 January and it will be a very special occasion indeed.

January 8 is Hildie’s birthday.  Everyone knows the amazing contribution Hildie has made to our glorious company over the years.  In fact - in many ways - our wonderful company of truckshunters, and their 44 unforgettable AGMs, were Hildie’s idea and were largely inspired by her.

Because of this, I’ve decided - with Hildie’s permission - that AGM XLV will take place at her house in Dipton.

I know that Dipton isn’t the easiest place to get to for many truckshunters but I think the effort on this occasion will be worth it for everyone who can make it.  I have a car and can offer a lift from Newcastle to anyone who needs it.  All you need to do for details of the venue, or to make travel arrangements, is to send an email to the address given at Contact Me, below, or to my private email address (if you have it).

Please try to come if you possibly can.  It will mean a lot to me and even more to the amazing Hildie.
* * *
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