Rather than describe my regular walk into the village, and what I see when I get there, I thought I'd take some pictures...

 This is the view from the little River Vauxonne that flows past Serge's garden.  
The first houses of the village are about 1km away; the Beaujolais hills are in the distance.
 This house - Serge's neighbour - has the view you see above.
In its way, it encapsulates everything that French people look for in 'a house in the country'.
 A few metres along the road there's a 'moto-ball' centre.  
I'm sorry to say that I've never been to watch.

 Just before you enter the village, this lane goes off to the left.
It passes through the hamlet of Bel Air and leads to the riverside part of the commune - Port Riviere - as well as to the supermarket.
 Entering the village.
D20 is the road number.
 A little futher on - and a Merc owner has thoughtfully parked his car
right across the pavement.  He must be a friend of the Mayor - he does this all the time.
 The road winds and bends as it approaches the village.
 Looking back.  On the left is a commercial baker
and patissier - for 'weddings, funerals and anniversaries'.
 This forlorn and neglected - but still rather grand - house
stands at the next road junction.  'Cedez la passage' - 'Give Way'.
The right-hand corner of this house is visible on the left in the next photo.
Over half-way to the village square now.
Both of the houses on the right have ferociously noisy dogs.
At the end of the left-hand wall are...
...the park gates, which are always locked.
The flats here are next to the park.
I'm on the final stretch of my walk now.
The park gates are directly behind me and the long wall on the right marks
the grounds of the Chateau de Vallieres, the 'big house'...
...of which this is the only view I get.  I love looking at the shiny, purple-tiled ogee roof as I walk by...


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