Yesterday - October 1 - was a day of genuinely awesome significance to truckshunters everywhere; a day it would have been scandalous to overlook; and a day worth resurrecting this tired old blog for.

Ada, our Honorary President (and all the closer to our hearts for it), celebrated her 90th birthday.

I could go on and on about the sharpness of her wit, the clarity of her recollection, her sprightly step, her incisive determination, her gentle consideration for others...but, instead, I thought I’d mark the occasion by showing some of the many photographs of Ada that I and others have taken since she attended her first AGM four years ago.
This is one of my personal favourites; Vivienne is on the left, Hildie on the right.
It was taken outside the Sage.

This photo was taken the same day.

With (from left) Hildie, me, Gerry (aka J Arthur Smallpiece), Alfie Joey and Hilary 
at Tynemouth station.

Back at the Sage again, with (from left) Vivienne, Sid, Hildie, Maureen, me and Lawrence.

With Hildie at Newcastle Library.

At Grey's Monument with Hilary, Gerry, Hildie and me.

In her garden with Hildie...

...and with me.


At our last AGM in Grainger Market with Keith and Hildie.

Back at Grey's Monument, this time with (from left) Michael Poulter, Linda, Keith, Gerry, 
Serge, Hildie, me, Neville and Vivienne.

At her home today - the first day of her 91st year.

And this is my favourite photo of Ada.
A very special lady...

A very, very happy birthday to a seriously remarkable woman - from all truckshunters, everywhere, past and present.


mim said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Margaret xxx

Bentonbag said...

Many happy returns

Serge said...

Toute la famille des truckshunters réunit, que de souvenir. Bisous à tous et aussi à Hildie....

Val said...

Congratulations to our Honorary President!!
A truly fitting way to resurrect the old blog, and hopefully the old blogger x