Today, July 24, is one of the most important days of the year for Truckshunters and has been for centuries.  Probably for much longer than you imagine. 

Indeed, our illustrious ancestors were even present when, in 1096, Pope Urban II fired the starting pistol and launched the First Crusade.  Amongst the Templars, Hospitallers, Vintners and Victuallers that set out on that (frankly foolish) adventure were our proud forefathers - and, fluttering proudly before them, they bore the dazzling (not to say slightly garish and marginally tawdry) banner of their patron saint, whose day today is.

This is the feast day of...

St Christina The Astonishing.

(It really is.)

So I hope that, in accordance with the tenets ordained by long tradition, everyone has done something truly Astonishing today.

If not, there’s still time….

If you think that what you have done was more Astonishing than was strictly necessary or even ritually desirable, get in touch and tell us all what it was.

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Bentonbag said...

I did something that astonished me.
Last week my friend Carol emailed me "Morris at the Cumberland on Thursday. Do you want to go?"
Always up for an evening out I replied "Yes. Morris who?"
Back came the retort "Morris DANCING!"
Having retired from clog morris last Spring I'd forgotted about the annual July get together outside the Cumberland Arms - which originally started when Bastille Day landed on a Thursday but has shifted.
Anyway I picked Carol up and we drove down to find all the usual suspects from TyneBride, Hexham, the Kingsmen etc. Good craic with old mates and what with chatting by the time I'd worked my way through the crowd to where TyneBridge were it was well into the evening. "Rose & Crown right middle?" says the squire pushing a garland into my hand. "I'm not in kit" says I. "You're in the right colours" says them.
So utterly umprepared, and a good stone heavier than when I last did it, I danced out outside the Cumberland.

Ian Robinson said...

Truly, genuinely and delightfully Astonishing, Brenda. St Christina would be proud of you. (Although 'Rose and Crown right middle' sounds like a euphemism for something.)

Where can I go to see some clog-dancing between now and next year's annual gathering?

Bentonbag said...

There's likely to be something suitable going on in the streets of Whitby during Folk Week 16-22 August (http://www.whitbyfolk.co.uk). And there's Sidmouth and Broadstairs between then and now if you fancy travelling.
Have a look at http://hexhammorris.com/pages/2014-programme.php
I'll keep my ear to the ground and let you know of any I hear of.