The story making the rounds of the internet that volunteers on the Yorkshire leg of the Tour de France have been banned from calling visitors ‘love’ for fear of causing offence is, apparently, quite true.

Here are some other cases where censors of one description or another have wielded the red pen rather too enthusiastically - as censors are regrettably prone to do…

In 2008, the Christian website OneNewsNow referred to Olympic athlete Tyson Gay (above) as Tyson Homosexual because the word 'gay' is automatically filtered on the site.  I have to admit to a certain amount of wishful thinking on that one...

When Facebook - which God condemn - deemed the Irish village of Effin offensive in 2011, residents were left unable to list the name of their home town…

Films and tv shows depicting time travel were banned by Chinese censors in 2011 because (they said) time travel represents ‘ambiguous values’ and ‘lack of active ideological significance’…

In the 1980s, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu called for a ban on what he regarded as a ‘subversive evil’ which was ‘overly intellectual'.  Namely, Scrabble…

John Lennon’s 1971 song Imagine conjured up a peaceful world without hunger or greed.  Nevertheless, the BBC banned it during the 1991 Gulf War…

Anymore ludicrous examples of smug, misplaced or officious censorship gratefully received.

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Just for the sheer whimsical delight of it - and courtesy of the Sydney International Food Festival - here is a selection of ‘Flags of all Nations’ composed of foods characteristic of the nations involved…
Italy...basil, pasta and tomatoes

Brazil...banana leaf, limes, pineapple and passion fruit

China...dragon fruit and star fruit

The USA...hot dogs, ketchup and mustard

Greece...olives and feta cheese

Japan...tuna and rice


* * *

Our next AGM - when I sit and read the paper, intermittently scanning the horizon to see if anyone actually arrives - will take place at 1100 on Tuesday 27 May.  If it’s sunny, we’ll be mustered at Mike and Pauline’s coffee van by the Swirle on the Quayside.  If it’s not, we’ll foregather at Oliver’s in Grainger Market.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.  Well, for me, at least.
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Bentonbag said...

Damn - I shall be in, or on our way to, Bridlington when you're having the AGM.
Political correctness:-
Woodlawn Appeal for A Swimming Pool (WASP) became Woodlawn Parents Teachers Association when the pool was built.
Then 'people' complained that there were others interested in the pupils and doing things for the school so it became Woodlawn Parents Teachers and Friends Association.
Then 'people' complained that staff other than teachers were interested in the pupils and doing things for the school. So rather than have Woodlawn Parents Teachers Staff and Friends Association we would have the shorter name Woodlawn Parents and Friends Association.
And what does everyone in school refer to us as? "The PTA".
And you can bet your cotton socks that none of the 'people' so concerned with the name ever turn up at committee meetings or volunteer to do anything useful.
Oh and while I'm having a rant ....
I'm not allowed to use the phrase "special school" it has to be "a school for children with special educational needs" (or whatever this week's acceptable term is). But it is special school in every sense of the word: the children are special; all the staff are special; so are we parents and other carers. But no - some chin stroker in the educational establishments feels uncomfortable so the rest of us must comply.

Bentonbag said...

I got so cross with facebook blocking photos of mothers breastfeeding or hugely brave pictures put up by friends who are recovering from breast cancer that I changed my password to b*ll*cks - which the American spell checker doesn't recognise as naughty.
Childish I know but a small act of defiance which pleased me.
And anyway why should they care how obscene your password is - it comes up as a series of ****ing astericks