Here's another reason why I'm proud that Paul and I are still buddies - his enthralling ability to re-invent himself; to adapt and innovate; and to master the skills necessary to do it all.  He's left quadbikes behind and is now in the hospitality industry - for which, I reckon, he is particularly well-suited.
I took these pictures when I visited him and Penny today at their new enterpirse - The Grange B&B up at Blagdon.  They spent months re-designing, refurbishing and redecorating this lovely old Georgian house - and the result is absolutely stunning.  Paul has promised to send me some photographs of the interior but, until he does, you can get a taste of how lovely it is at their website:  http://thegrangebandb.co.uk/
Let's all wish them both the very best of luck.
* * *
Thanks again to Hildie's nephew Ross for keeping me supplied with his fiendish quizzes...

1  Which recent hit tv show features Jesse Pinkman as one of its main characters?
2  Who is the current presenter of Desert Island Discs?
3  In which US state is the Grand Canyon?
4  In Pride and Prejudice, what is the first name of Mr D’Arcy?
5  The terms ‘off road vehicle’, ‘four wheel drive’ or ‘four by four’ are rarely used in the USA to describe such vehicles.  What three-letter acronym do they use?
6  In The Wizard Of Oz, which US state does Dorothy live in?
7  Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and which other member made up the band Queen?
8  What is the main vegetable used in sauerkraut?
9  It has been announced that a film version of which classic sitcom is to be made, with Bill Nighy in one of the starring roles?
10  In the Disney film, how did Dumbo make his ears grow?
11  Which of the Balaerics is nearest to mainland Spain?
12  In old superstition, wearing socks inside out is supposed to be a protection from what?
13  In 2002, how did Michael Jackson shock fans who were waiting on a street in Berlin?
14  The artist Andy Warhol famously painted a picture of a can of what make of soup?
15  On tv’s Strictly Come Dancing, have more men or women been successful?
16  The resort of Benidorm lies on which of the Spanish Costas?
17  Which word when put in front of ‘full’ and ‘empty’ would give you two new terms with exactly the same meaning as each other?
18  The much-hated help icon that used be part of Microsoft's Office Suite was shaped like what workplace product?
19  In the Blues Brothers film, what were the first names of the two brothers?
20  What caused the ironic cancellation of a screening of the film Noah in Exeter recently?

1  Electrical energy generated from water is known as what?
2  After diving off in a competition swim, how many underwater strokes are allowed?
3  In which poem would you find the line Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink?
4  Which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was found underwater?
5  What is the name of the point where two bodies of water meet?

1  Who had a hit in the nineties with Breakfast at Tiffany's?
2  Which composer is famous for his Rhapsody In Blue?
3  Which University are the 'light blues' - Oxford or Cambridge?
4  How many blue triangles are there on the Union Flag?
5  Which car manufacturer produced the Bluebird between 1957 and 2001?

1  How many times was Julius Caesar stabbed at his murder?
2  How many caps have the top 5 most internationally capped football players got between them?

Answers next time - or the time after that.
* * *
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