Serge is in England at the moment.  Here he is yesterday, posing artfully 
at the monumental sculpture on the C2C cycleway just outside Consett

You’re going to find this almost impossible to believe but I’ve never quite seen the point of housework.  I fully support Quentin Crisp’s view that, if you don’t dust for three years, the dust doesn’t get any worse.

Sometimes, though, my curiosity gets the better of me.  I’ll be making the bed, say, or perhaps clearing up some cat vomit when I’ll notice a dust-laden cardboard box whose existence I had probably wished away many years ago.

And it was in one such box that I found yet another wodge of unanswered and - as far as I know - even unread emails from Blue Bus listeners.

The email sitting on top of the pile was from Trevor, about whom I know nothing at all - which is a shame, because its one of the most interesting emails I’ve ever ignored.

This is what it says…

Ian...I cam across this story in a book about alien abduction and supernatural sightings that I was about to throw away.

'On 3 September 1976 in the mining town of Fencehouses, County Durham, two women came upon a strange object set on a mound of earth that was in a building site.

The women were a 63-year old grandmother and her granddaughter, aged 18.  They were subsequently so shocked by the experience that they shunned all attempts to be interviewed in detail.

The object resembled a small, glass dome on ski runners.  Its surface was semi-transparent and smoky.  Beside it were two tiny entities looking like dolls.  They were human, with long white hair, plastic or pale faces and staring eyes.

The two women felt drawn towards them and the object, and entered a ‘cocoon’ of energy that caused the air to tingle.  Inside this, all ambient sound disappeared and time lost all meaning.

The women recalled walking away from the site with the object gone - but a watch worn by  one of them was now inexplicably ten minutes slow….'

Is it possible that some of your many listeners in Fencehouses can throw some light on this eerie encounter?

I can’t imagine why this sensational story was overlooked on the Blue Bus programme.  After all, 1976 isn’t that long ago.  It’s not inconceivable that someone in Fencehouses knows who these women were; by now, the daughter will be in her 50s.

If you can throw the light of fairy-dust on this story, for heaven’s sake - get in touch…

* * *
Thanks for the advice and comments you’ve sent about my upcoming Great Adventure.  Please send more, more, more - specially about the next port-of-call on my itinerary…

After Hong Kong, Singapore, Perth, Sydney and New Zealand, I’ll be flying across the Pacific to Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

So if there’s anything you think I should know - get in touch.  Please!

* * *
...yesterday was Linda's birthday.

So, from all of us ( - even though I'm a bit late, as usual - )...

Happy Birthday, Linda!

* * *
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Bentonbag said...

Welcome Serge
But why is there a sextant on top of a pair of alligator legs?
Or am I missing something?

Serge said...

hello Brenda,

merci pour la question mais, je ne comprend pas non plus?

j'espère que tout va bien, bisous. Serge.

Bentonbag said...

Bonjour et bienvenue Serge
Pardon mon mauvais Francais.
La sculpture est comme une sextant sur les jambes d'un crocodile!
Bizarre n'est ce pas?

Val said...

What was I thinking - I was going to say that this post with Serge and the weird sculpture, as well as the Fencehouses tale, is like being in an alternative universe.
No, that happened a long time ago on this blog!

Getting so excited for you Ian!! Can't wait to read your reports of your epic adventure. What a treat awaits us all!

Ian Robinson said...

Brenda...Serge's comment translates as 'I don't understand it either!'...
Val...alternative universe? I'll take that as a compliment!

Bentonbag said...

Ooo I can now be nonplussed in two languages :)