Well, from South America, as a matter of fact.

You may be wondering who the picture is of.  It’s Carmelo Flores, a citizen of Bolivia.  And he is no ordinary man.  He is arguably the oldest person who has ever lived.

His baptism certificate lists his birth date as 16 July 1890.  So, at 123 years old, nobody in the entire history of humanity has ever lived longer than Mr Flores.

Apart from saying - tritely - what an awe-inspiring fact that is, I don’t think any further comment is necessary or even appropriate.

* *
Only 23 days to go - and counting - to the start of my Grandest Tour Ever.

So far, you know that I’ll be visiting Hong Kong, Singapore, Perth and Sydney….

So where next?

New Zealand - that’s where.

After a few days in Sydney I’ll be flying to Queenstown, at the southern end of South Island.  (If you’ve been watching Top of the Lake on tv - it was filmed thereabouts.)

At Queenstown, I’ll be picking up a campervan and, over the next six days, will be making my own way through South Island to its northern tip at Picton.

So - as with all my destinations - if you have any suggestions or advice about South Island, please get in touch.

You’re really, really jealous, aren’t you?

* *
...leave me completely unmoved.

But - just for the sheer hell and exuberance of it, here are some pictures of my favourite things.  I feel great just looking at them...
 The city of Amsterdam
 Ingrid Bergman
 Ginkgo trees
 Wells Cathedral
 The city of Lyon
 Tapioca pudding
Lithops - 'living stones'
Olivia de Havilland

* * *
In my last posting, I sent effusive good wishes for a long and happy retirement to Keith Grierson.  Which must have puzzled and amused Keith Johnson, for whom they were intended.

Apologies, Keith.  Forgive my lapse of concentration - an event which happens increasingly often these days.

The wishes for a happy retirement remain the same!

* *
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