Our forty-second AGM - our Totally Extraordinary Great Summer Fun Extravaganza - took place, as planned, last Thursday at its traditional August venue:  the wonderful Tanfield Railway.

As well as being blessed with the location of our AGM, we were also quite naturally favoured with good weather to enjoy it in.  All it needed to be a runaway success was good company in high spirits, and it got that, too.

Brenda was there.  And Linda and Keith Grierson.  And Hildie.  And me.  And the unstoppable Nev who - true to his usual generous self - arranged for us all to have a free ride on the railway ( - although unfortunately, the last part of the line, between Causey Arch and East Tanfield has been temporarily closed).

We all had a seriously good time.  The chat never stopped, the mutual catching-up and exchange of information was ceaseless, loads of photos were taken and laughs had.

And, to put icing on the Tanfield cake (as it were), we all retired to Birkheads Nursery nearby for more conversation and an iced finger (as Nev would say).
I have to say...it really was one of the most enjoyable AGMs ever.  And after all this time.

After a champion AGM like this one, I can’t help but think about who we are and how we got here.  A disparate group of people with a silly club name who meet whenever they can - and all because of a daft night-time radio programme.
Thanks to everyone who managed to get there and make it such  a lovely occasion - and specially to Nev for taking such pains to make sure we were all happy.

A splendid time - already guaranteed - was had by all.
* * *
Only 26 days to go - and counting…

As you’ll know if you’ve been paying attention, my Great Adventure begins next month with my flight to Hong Kong.  From there, I’ll be going to Singapore and - as I described in the last posting - on to Perth, where I’ll be staying with my cousin and her family.

So where next?  Well, it’s a case of ‘Brace Yourself, Sydney’.  Yes, I’ll be flying right across Australia to spend a few days in its biggest and most cosmopolitan city.  (I wanted to go by train from Perth to Sydney but it takes days and is prohibitively expensive.)

So - if you’ve been to Sydney, or if you’ve ever wanted to go, get in touch with any advice or information you have about what to see, what to do, where to go.

I’d really appreciate it!

* *
Best wishes and good thoughts to two truckshunters who were at Tanfield.

Firstly, to Hildie, who has been having a rough time lately, and without whom our Honourable Company would simply not exist.

And secondly, to Keith Grierson, who retires in the next few days.  We all wish him a long and awe-inspiringly enjoyable retirement!!!

* *
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Bentonbag said...

Thank you Nev and everyone for my frivolity for this week.

Hildie, message me in Facebook so we get have a get-together when himself is on his global perambulations (this invitation includes other Truckshunters).