(yes - ANOTHER one!)


AGM XXXVIII is scheduled to take place tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 1100.  This evening, though, weather conditions here in Newcastle are truly awful.

So I think it would be showing that discretion is the better part of valour (as it were) if we abandoned the AGM altogether.  I don't want anyone taking any risks on snow and ice to get into the Town.

I realise that this decision comes a little late in the day and that there'll be truckshunters who don't see it. 

So - because it should be almost as easy as usual for me to get into the town - I will still be at the Lit and Phil at 1100 and at The Bridge at 1130.

So don't worry if you only saw this blogposting too late!


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Kev said...

As thoughtful and considerate as ever, but watch out for yourself as well (after all, you are 64!)
I hope you had an excellent time on your birthday.
See you soon

Anonymous said...

Dave Shannon Hilary D and Ian the poet did arrive safely--however ==just us three. Bet some peoples ears were burning!haha!

My 1st meeting n 'all.

Dave shannon