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A number of records were set at our latest AGM.

For a start, it was, I think, the first AGM I have not attended.

Secondly, it was also the first AGM that Hildie wasn’t at either.

(I wish I could say that those two facts were linked but they’re not.)

To counterbalance these absences, though, there was a much more notably upbeat first:  it was the first AGM that Dave Shannon has ever attended.

Dave has been emailing me for what seems like - and probably is - years.  That I wasn’t able to get to his very first AGM is a matter not just of regret but inconsolable remorse.  I’m serious.  I still haven’t got over it.

The fact that Hilary, Gerry and J Arthur Smallpiece - who only rarely grace AGMs with their presence - were there as well serves only to deepen my sorrow.  It’s the kind of AGM I wouldn’t have missed for worlds.  And I did.

Truth to tell, I had been a little unwell during Wednesday night and this had prevented me from doing anything at all on Thursday.  All I can do is apologise to Dave, Gerry, Hilary, J Arthur and Neville (who went to the Lit and Phil beforehand) for my unavoidable absence.  I’m very, very sorry to have let down such faithful truckshunters.

I’m sure that Hildie is just as regretful.  She decided to stay put in Dipton because of my (perhaps overstated) description of weather conditions in Newcastle.  So a double-whammy, then.

All, though, was not lost.  The redoubtable Hilary has knocked together a brief report of proceedings.  Here it is…

‘Minutes of the XXXVIII AGM on December 6th held at The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle at 11.30 am, as arranged.

David Shannon
Hilary Dawson
Gerry Fenwick
J. Arthur Smallpiece

Apologies for absence: Ian Robinson. Hildie Flood.

The non-existent minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and certified as correct, probably.

Actions taken: 3 phonecalls - all unanswered

Items discussed (in absence of agenda).

1    Poor quality of refreshments - Nescafe only and nothing to eat. Bad mark for organisers who chose venue.
2    Health update - diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol medications including for triglycerides.
3    Whether or not Ian Robinson's ears were burning.
4    J Arthur Smallpiece explained how humiliating it is to be stood up (usually by barmaids, by the way).
5    Christmas tunes in the 50s.
6    Cricket in Guatemala - Prospects of the team versus neighbouring countries - see website cricketguatemala.  (Note from Ian:  No.)
7    City of Newcastle Pipe Band.
8    Toast to absent friends.

Meeting closed at 12.30’

I don’t think I’ll ever live it down.

Once again, my apologies.


In an attempt to make this blog more than just the death-rattle of AGMs, here are some pictures of ‘body art’ painted by a 19-year old Japanese girl.  They were sent to me by Eric and Jean, from Tantobie.

To be honest, I’m not sure whether they’ve been photoshopped or not.  But even if they have, they’re still impressive.


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