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Saturday saw the first tentative snow of the autumn.  It also saw our 38th AGM take place at Bede’s World in Jarrow.  As far as I’m concerned, they were both extremely pleasant experiences.

I’ve never really understood why people who live in England complain when it snows in late October.  I’m sure I’m not imagining younger days when it had almost always snowed by All Hallow’s Eve.  Not deeply, crisply and evenly, perhaps, but it certainly wasn’t regarded as abnormal or freakish to have to tramp through slush to get to school before potato-picking week.

So I have to admit to a frisson of guilty pleasure as I brushed the snow off Rhoda the Škoda and headed for South Tyneside.

I also have to admit that I wasn’t entirely sure that there’d be anybody there except for me and the amazing Hildie, without whom the Honourable Company would have put up the proverbial shutters years ago.

I needn’t have been concerned though.  It would take a lot more than an effete dusting of autumn snow to deter the hardiest truckshunters - namely, Hildie, Linda, Keith and Stephen.
Linda and Keith have had a really turbulent year; their lives have been strewn with the unhappiness of family loss and, in truth, we’ve all had our fingers crossed that the light at the end of their tunnel would brighten as time passed.

And that’s why it was particularly good to see them at Jarrow.  Although times are still difficult - as they are bound to be - they seemed to be in a hopeful and positive frame of mind.  I hope the AGM helped!  I can remember plenty of occasions when AGMs have helped lift my spirits when things have felt a bit rough.

Back at the AGM, it was Stephen’s experiences as a rugby coach at Ashington - and his sharing of anecdotes with Keith, who used to play - that were the conversation-grabbers.  I learned a lot about the ‘underside’ of the game; I even found out what ‘chicken-winging’ is.

Hands up if you know!

Unfortunately, the high quality of the conversation wasn’t matched by the uniquely poor photographs I took - as you can see.  They’re awful, aren’t they?  My apologies to all concerned.

And so - a very, very big Thankyou to Stephen, Keith, Linda and Hildie for braving the weather, as well as the off-the-beaten-track location.  It was good to see everybody.  Here’s to the next time!


Truckshunter Val also has her fair share of difficulties at the moment, as you'll find out if you read the Comment she's posted to the last blog.

Dear Val...we're all so very, very sorry to hear about your Dad.  It sounds like he was a great character - and with a lot of typically local memories, too!  You must miss him a lot.  Please remember that Keith, Linda and me have all recently been in the unhappy place where you are now.  Get in touch - however you like - if you fancy a chat.  Don't forget!

As for the coffee you mentioned...I would count it an honour to visit your Mam.  Email me sometime soon and we'll sort something out.  OK?

Do it!!!

Eric and Jean have sent me this link to an amazing YouTube video - one of the best I’ve ever seen.


If the link doesn’t work when you click on it, cut and paste it into the Search box of your browser.

And enjoy!


Do you know anyone who needs/wants an unused toilet seat?

Seriously.  Do you?


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Serge said...

Super la vidéo j'aimeeeeeeee

Bentonbag said...

Re the toilet seat.
Or rather Tommy
Our loft extension in finally complete,
Together with an en-suite
But so far no toilet seat

Would you like some jam or chutney in exchange?

Message me on facebook so we can get together (There's an offer!)