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Once in a while, truckshunters send me pictures that have caught their eye on the internet.  So this posting is by way of a picture catch-up.

Let’s start with photographs of some truly extraordinary birds sent to me by Eric and Jean.  Mother Nature obviously discovered, late in the bird-creating process, that she hadn’t used the full palette of colours and designs available to her.  So she let her ornithological hair down and created these beautiful creatures.

From the top, they are bleeding-heart pigeons, a flamecrest, a golden pheasant, a green jay, a Himalayan monal, a kingfisher, a Lady Amherst's pheasant, a Nicobar pigeon, a peacock, a quetzal, a sup (a Polish chicken) and a Winson's Bird of Paradise.

A truckshunting friend has sent me these pictures of some of the world’s most beautiful bookshops.  Amongst the collection was our very own Barter Books in Alnwick.  I hope you like the selection I’ve made.
From the top, they are in Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Maastricht, Mexico City and Bratislava.

In her commentary to blogposting 365, Brenda wrote about how amazingly beautiful Mt Edith Cavell is - it’s in Canada’s Jasper National Park.  Just in case you haven’t been able, or had the time, to search out a picture of it, here goes.

Brenda was right, wasn’t she!

Our next AGM will take place at 1100 on Thursday 21 June at Birkheads Nursery, between Sunniside and Stanley.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

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Val said...

Prefer the bookshops to the birds - having a bit of a phobia of birds I find it a bit hard to look at so many at once!

I was on a train to London the morning of the last AGM. I won't get to Birkheads either - on my Dad's 88th birthday.

Waiting expectantly for Hamburg, Day 9/Part 2 - not wanting it to end though.

Just read and about to re-read a book I found in the local library - Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall by Anna Funder - highly recommended, especially if you've been to East Germany.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, Ian, you've missed the Perth Kilt Run! It was part of the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations.
Apparently, the largest kilt race on record was achieved by 1,089 runners in Perth, Canada in 2010. It seems our Canadian friends laid down the gauntlet to Perth, Scotland ... and the race was run yesterday, 2nd June.
Unfortunately, Perth, Scotland was 16 people short of breaking the Guinness World Record.
It's a shame really, when a couple of mini buses full of Truckshunters could have fixed that
... just think ... if you, Serge, Sid, Nev, Lawrence, Gerry, Maureen, Vivienne, Linda, Ada, Eleanor, Brenda, Val, Stephen, Dave, Peter, Martin, Michael, the young Paul Wappat
and I had only turned up at the start -line .....
Perth, Scotland would have been ever so pleased to see us.

Wish me luck .... I have terrible trouble trying to post comments .... I usually lose them!


Serge said...

Super blog IAN,

et les photos sont magnifique,j'aime beaucoup