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* Optical Puzzles
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* Bad Taxidermy
* Pepere
Good luck - and may the devil take the hindmost…

Having blown my own trumpet in blogposting 300 about how many times this blog has been viewed, and by how many people in so many countries, I now find myself in the embarrassing position of having to eat most of my words.  Serge’s blog, which is much younger and less well-established than this one, is averaging far more hits than mine.

In a Nelson-like effort to prevent an outright French victory, I’ve therefore decided to make this posting audio-visual, a la pepere.

I’d be interested to know what you think - but only if you whole-heartedly approve and enjoy.

London Transport started a fashion for the all-over painting of buses; for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, 25 Routemaster buses were painted silver.  They looked very handsome indeed, as you can see.
Since then, bus art has come a long way, as these amazing pictures show.  They make me wonder why bus companies and advertising sponsors don’t get together and do it more often.

Can you see the hidden image in each of these two pictures?  If you can, say so in the comments box but please DON’T say what the hidden images are.
Just follow the instructions…
 Stare at her red nose for 20 seconds, then look at a blank, light-coloured wall...
 Stare at the centre of the picture for 20 seconds or so - it will gradually disappear...
 Keep looking at him; he will keep changing from face-on to profile...

This next one is a brilliant - and very unsettling - illusion.

If the text below appears as a web link, simply click on it.
If it doesn't, just copy and paste the YouTube link into the Search box of your browser.

Here’s proof that unexpected new experiences are waiting round every corner - even for someone of my advanced years and in places as unlikely as this blog. 

I’ve never heard an audio illusion before.  I’ve now heard this one several times and still don’t understand how it works.

If the text below appears as a web link, simply click on it.
If it doesn't, just copy and paste the YouTube link into the Search box of your browser.
Remember to press ‘replay’ each time the illusion ends. 

And if you can explain how it works, I’d love to hear from you.

The images below are all from my Website of the Month - namely, badtaxidermy.com.  I include them here to prove how tasteless I am capable of being.
To look at Serge’s recent outpourings of ‘images insolites’ (‘weird pictures’), go to his blog by clicking on his picture in the Followers part of this page, and then clicking on ‘pepere’.

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Serge Guinet said...

hi ian,
c'est la 2ème guerre napoléoniènneonniène Ok
je commence donc.

j'aime se blog,les bus sont très beau et très réaliste,le serpent,les yeux,l'accordéon,la main et le bisous des portes automatique bien trouvé,j'aime!!!

the optical puzzles
l'éléphant cache dans sont oreile une tête de dame!
la rose elle belle avec sont jolie petit dauphin dans ces pétales rouge!!!

les effets optics j'aime
l'experience était bien!!!

the bad taxidermy
quel horreur,je n'aime pas,je préfère les animaux vivant et en liberté,mais je ne suis pas le seul je pense,chacun sont truc!

et pour finir,MERCI,pour le petit message de pépère avec E
la guerre va être rude éhéhéhéh
bisous xxxxx

bisous et bonjour a Hildie xxxxx

Serge Guinet said...

ohhhhhhh j'avait oublié
la note pour le blog est de

Hildie said...

I liked your weight-watchers bus
and I coped with the optical illusions (the girl on the wall -
that were good!!) .... but ....
I tried the audio illusion .......
and can't make head nor tail of what's going on. I do, however,
have a hospital appointment tomorrow afternoon about my ears!!!

Has anyone been to 'Lumiere'?
Last night, I thought I'd treat myself to a look at Durham in all her glory.
I wished I hadn't. Unfortunately, I didn't see many of the installations at all , I kind of ducked out and began my trial of a bus journey home. I saw the giant snow-dome in the market place ... but there were hundreds and hundreds of people all squashed in together ... it was impossible to move an inch ..... they held us there for forty minutes.... I believe I was kettled for the first time ever. I hope, if any of you did go, that you had a better time than I did. I managed to see the waterfall from Kingsgate Bridge(?) but missed all the other magnificent stuff that was going on. I should have gone to the Reindeer Parade at Middlesbrough

Serge ... Pepere ... Bonsoir et bisous xxx ..... I will come and have a look at your blog.
I do like the photographs you put on there. I hope you are well.

Serge Guinet said...

Merci Hildie,je tes envoyé un message.
bisous a bientôt.