Truckshunter Leroy - he of the ‘dudes and dudettes’ - recently emailed me this picture. He says it’s his alter ego, which is almost certainly just as well. I didn’t ask his permission to publish it here because - assuming he’s in his right mind - he would have refused. Now we all know what we’re up against.

As proof that any vestige of authority and leadership I may once have possessed in this large and diverse family has long since gone to meet its maker, I present Exhibit B. They look as if butter wouldn’t melt in their collective mouth, don’t they? Don’t be fooled; these are the ringleaders of the Palace Revolution who arranged tomorrow’s AGM at Saltwell Towers, thus wisely dispensing with my negligible organisational skills at one fell swoop.

Be there or be square. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

I met up with Hildie on Monday for our fortnightly expedition to the Tyneside Cinema’s ‘Silver Screen’ showing; this week it was Creation - all about the lead-up to the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species. It’s a good film - warmly recommended.

I discovered quite quickly, though, that Hildie had a hidden agenda. As a result of my frenzied declamations (in blogposting 168) about the lack of a memorial to Alan Turing and his disgraceful non-appearance on any of our commemorative stamps, she decided to do some investigating. And would you believe it? There is a memorial to him - it’s in Sackville Park in Manchester - and he has featured on a stamp (during millennium year).

Exhibits C and D are therefore salient reminders to me to check my facts thoroughly before climbing up onto my high horse and giving the world the benefit of my opinion - specially if Hildie’s in earshot.

...welcome to the family, Val. How about sending us a picture?

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Sid said...

I always admire someone who puts up their hands and says " I got it wrong". Welcome to the club Ian. Well done Hildie.

Hildie said...

Better still, Val, how about coming to the AGM ?
Believe me, it sounds like everything it's not.
And Leroy? Is today the day?

Sid said...

I thoroughly enjoyed todays AGM, and the sun came out again. How we do it baffles me.

Hildie said...

Hi Ian, Maureen, Sid and Vivienne, you know, I never expected getting to this age and having such flipping good fun! Thanks, you guys, for another memorable day!
Alfie Joey and Michael Poulter have both sent their love and apologies to you all ... I had sent them an invite but, unfortunately, they were working.
Ian, soldier, are you okay there? You looked in bad need of some Calpol and some Lem-sips!
I wish you'd had time to look in that cage ..... Vivienne and I saw the most stunningingly beautiful birds in there. I accosted a person (who was passing by) who told us they were Golden Pheasants.
They undoubtedly had the wow factor! Vivienne took some photographs, so hopefully you
will get to see them.
We also saw this really mean and flamboyant peacock nipping a baby rabbit and pinching the cabbage off him!

Special thanks to Sid and Vivienne who made it all possible for me today by providing my transport there and back.

Murphy and Dora said...

Hello Hildie,

You didn't mention us!!! Vivienne has posted some of her photos on our blog as promised. Please take a gander!

Luv Murphy xx and Dora xx

Ian Robinson said...

Yes, I think we can chalk up another successful AGM kids. But why has no-one mentioned the Sacred Ginkgo???

Val said...

Thanks to all for the lovely welcome. Hope it's not the dreaded flu Ian. Look forward to reading more about the AGM.
Saltwell Park sounded a lovely idea for a sunny autumnal day, but working full time it's not always easy to arrange. Just spent ages signing up for this so I could put a picture on my profile - my son and his little Mam - I'm not little at all but he is 6'4". He graduated this year after 5 years [an extra year for going to Scottish uni and studying languages has a year abroad]. Our daughter's in her final year so you can see why I can't take early retirement!
Off for bit of me-time while the other half's at 'the match'.

Sid said...

Hildie, what are we going to do with you and Vivienne. You can't go around Saltwell park accosting people, its not allowed anymore.
You'll get us all locked up. See what you're letting yourself in for Val...

Vivienne said...

Hi Sid,

Can I just clarify that it was Hildie who accosted a gardener at Pets' Corner? I was too busy trying to get the perfect photo of the beautiful birds!