A splendid time was guaranteed for all...

It’s a credit to the Nightshift truckshunting spirit that, despite there never being any more than six or so people at our AGMs, we always contrive to paint the town...if not red, then a warm and welcoming shade of pink. This time, the hardcore truckshunters (Vivienne and Hildie) were joined by the redoubtable Ada from North Shields.

As a matter of fact, Ada was the first one I met. She shamelessly introduced herself as we were both waiting for the Q2 bus outside the Theatre Royal in Newcastle. I have to say that she looked resplendently well-dressed; the epitome of good taste and far too elegant for the likes of me (as you can see above). And what a wonderful lady! It took all of us no time whatsoever to be - once again - lost in conversation, stories, laughter. Exactly the way an AGM ought to be.

Vivienne, I’m relieved and delighted to report, does not seem to have suffered any long-term consequences after her unfortunate escapade in the bathroom; her account of the incident is almost certainly going to give me saucy daydream fodder for days.

If not weeks.

We all had a truly memorable time and put the world to rights in a typically decisive way. Ada would, I’m sure, be the first to say that, once you get over the introductions, everything settles down to the usual truckshunter camaraderie - chaotically friendly! We seem to be developing into a real ‘family’; I’m loving it, as you can imagine.

The next step, as far as I’m concerned, is that we grow still further - into a group of disparate troublemakers leaving in our wake a trail of good-humoured confusion wherever we go.

You seriously don’t know what you’re missing. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll try your best to get along to the next AGM in September - see below.

I’ve had an email from ‘Grumpy Owldsod’ (whom God preserve) which states, in terms I wouldn’t dare argue with, that donut peaches are available in the north-east. He says ‘...I got some two weeks ago at Crook Market. The fruiterer there bought them at the wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market at Team Valley. I have also seen them at the same man's stall in Consett Market and in the Grainger Market.’

As you will readily understand, I’ll be making it my business to follow up these sightings personally over the next few days. Watch out for further reports.

The next AGM will take place on Sunday 6 September at Tynemouth Station Market at about 1100. Put it in your diary now. Is that understood?

A truckshunter who rejoices in the online name of Matt King Coal (!) has sent me an email with some interesting trivia - and not so trivia - about England. Namely...

- England is 74 times smaller than the USA, 59 times smaller than Australia and 3 times smaller than Japan;

- England is however 2.5 times more populous than Australia, and 1.5 times more populous than California. With 2.5 times fewer inhabitants than Japan, its density of population is slightly higher than the country of the rising sun.

- The highest temperature ever recorded in England was 38.5°C (101.3°F ) in Brogdale, Kent, on 10 August 2003.

- English people consume more tea per capita than anybody else in the world (2.5 times more than the Japanese and 22 times more than the Americans or the French). Surprise, surprise.

- English people have the highest obesity rate in the European Union (22.3% of men and 23% of women). They also have the highest percentage of overweight women (33.6%) and the 6th highest for men (43.9%).

- French was the official language of England for about 300 years, from 1066 till 1362.

Makes you proud to be English, don’t it?

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Murphy and Dora said...

Hi Everyone,

Love the AGM photos and your minutes of the meeting, Ian, except you failed to mention that Willingness, Dora and I were there too!!!

If you click on this comment you will find our blog,'Murphy and Dora's Travels' and Vivienne's photos taken at the AGM yesterday.

Regarding Matt King Coal's data, does that mean that tea causes obesity???

Luv Murphy xx

and Dora xx

Murphy and Dora said...

Oops! Did it again! Sorry Willingly.

Luv Murphy xx and Dora xx

Ian Robinson said...

Thanks Murphy and Dora - lovely pictures. It was quite day - MAINLY because YOU were there. Sorry I forgot to mention that in the minutes.

Vivienne said...

Happy Birthday Sid!!!

Lots of love,

Vivienne xxx

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday from me too Sid. Looks like the sun is shining for you.
I hope that you have a wonderful day.
Ian, I presume that Willingly is just a little bit cross-eyed?

Ian Robinson said...

Yes it's a good day for your birthday, Sid. Hope you enjoy it BIGTIME :-))
Maureen...congratulations on getting the joke!! As yet, no-one has asked me why he's called Willingly. And now, they know. OR DO THEY?? (Actually, it reminds of all the times when people used to ask why my lovely dog was called Taxi. I thought the reason was obvious...)

Hildie said...

Happy Birthday, Sid!
I hope you've had lots of jelly and iced-cream and balloons and birthday cake and that you managed to blow all your candles out in one go!

Sid said...

Thanks to everyone for all their good birthday wishes. You made it extra special.