With my usual flair I seem to have chosen a date for the next AGM on which almost no-one would be able to attend. The date has therefore been altered to...this upcoming Friday 31 July. The venue is the same.

Anyone with any sense who is over 60 is a member of Silver Screen at the Tyneside Cinema. That not only includes my good self (even though I have no sense at all) but also truckshunter Hildie, who accompanied me there today to see Moon. And a cracking movie it is, too.

In fact, if you’d like to join us on some otherwise ditchwater-dull Monday, help yourself. Membership is free and you get to see some stonking pictures.

Anyway, to get to the real point...

Hildie had spent Saturday in York with her daughter - and guess what she saw for sale on a fruit stall there?

Yesssssss! Peches plats. Donut peaches. If this means nothing to you, see blogposting 151. Hildie very thoughtfully (and very foolishly, in my opinion) brought some back for me. Naturally - and purely for the purposes of market research - I have now eaten all of them and can confirm that they are as delicious as I remember them in Paris. They are the ‘nectar of the perishin’ gods’, as my Nana used to say. We are very fortunate that luscious comestibles such as these have not been made illegal.

What is, however, of even greater import (if that were possible) is the information that Hildie’s daughter passed on; namely, that donut peaches are on open sale at Sainsbury’s - in Manchester.

I am therefore hereby launching yet another truckshunter campaign. Do as I intend to do tomorrow. Visit a branch of Sainsbury’s and - if donut peaches are not on sale - make a fuss. Demand to know why the benighted folk of Manchester, who haven’t the nouse or common gumption to appreciate them, are being offered these delectable fruits while the enlightened people of north-east England are denied the opportunity of sampling them.

Go on - make a scene; and report back at the AGM.

While we were at the Tyneside Cinema earlier today, two ladies (of otherwise spotless reputation) made themselves known to us. They had been members of a WEA class I used to tutor in Whickham many years ago and we had a nice chat about what fun it was. Fancy remembering me after all these years! They’d even followed my subsequent career on the radio. Once experienced, never forgotten, I guess.

So - Hello, Maureen and Pat. Keep in touch!

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Vivienne said...

Hi Friends,

If any of you receive an email from Vivienne Mitchinson saying I'm in Nigeria and need money, IT IS A SCAM. My contact list seems to have been hacked into.

Just nearly knocked myself out trying to get to the phone, so need to go and have my wound checked out. We Truckshunters do live dangerously!