It’s true.  A lot of stuff has happened since Christmas.  It’s not showing any sign of letting up, either.  I’m still grappling with side-effects and consequences.

But I thought I’d stop by to say Hello, specially as this is posting number 600.

Yes I know.
SIX HUNDRED.  How did that happen?




Is there anybody still there?

* *
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Sid said...

This is four times.
So glad to hear from you Ian. It's onwards and upwards from now on, despite not feeling like it.
Really glad you have the energy to do this, Hildie would be soo proud of you. Love from all of us. x x x
Now let's see if it'll send.

mim said...

I am Ian xxx

Bentonbag said...

Yes, still checking in regularly as hope springs eternal in the human breast.

Val said...

600 - what an achievement! What a truly inspirational person you are x

Dave Shannon said...

Dave Shannon still ticking over. Roll on the summer. My tulips are about to bloom. Hoping to see you soon

Dave Shannon said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm here *waving* (((hugs))) Give me call. Natasha xxx

NEV said...

Yes I'm still here. Trust that you are improving. I am quite prepared to don my "nurses outfit" should you so wish. Well you never objected in the past, and I did warm the stethoscope.

Vivienne said...

Congratulations on reaching post 600!!!

Hope everyone is keeping well.

See you soon Ian.

Anonymous said...

I've sent you a message at regarding the removal of a picture from your website.
would you please kindly answer back ?
thank you ver much

Anonymous said...

Have you got a pair of clogs yet ?

Sid said...

Thursday 1 November 2007.
The 'first' proper posting.
Congratulations fellow Truckshunters.

Vivienne said...

Wow Sid,

9yrs is a long time, and to think I'd been retired 3 months when Truckshunters was born! Such a lot has happened since then. Believe it or not my car, which I bought with my redundancy package, is still running well.
I hope everyone is well. Ian are you back from Paris yet? We must catch up. I had a lovely chat with Ada yesterday. She's keeping well.
Lots of love,
Vivienne xxxx

Dave Shannon said...

Need an update on you and your health Ian.

Val said...

Thought of Ian on Saturday when my husband and I went to an Open Day at the Lit and Phil in Newcastle, which Ian has raved about. Apart from a guided tour [which you can go on all through the year] we went to a talk and slide show about Edith Cavell - who he's blogged about too.

Hope all OK with you Ian
Val x