Another big Thankyou (not to mention an even louder Welcome Back) is called for - this time to Peter in South Shields.  Until yesterday, I hadn't from him for 18 months and had assumed that he'd found new outlets for his talents and enthusiasms, which were legion.

But no.  In his quiet, South Shields kind of way, Peter's still around and remains safely within the truckshunter fold.  To prove it, he has sent me a poignant collection of cartoons which, between them, seem to home in on many of the aspects of modern life that disappoint, anger or puzzle old stagers like me.  And (presumably) Peter himself.

I'd like to give credit to the illustrator who devised these brilliantly clever drawings but Peter has told me that he doesn't know his/her/their identity.  If you do, please get in touch.

Thanks again, Peter.
* * *
Peter also sent me what he called 'the last word' about my birthday.

'Ian...you share your birthday with Pamela Stephenson, Jay-Z and Ronnie Corbett, who is now 85.

And it was on 4 December in 1872 that the American ship Mary Celeste was found drifting off the Azores.  She was in good, seaworthy condition and her cargo was intact.  Her crew, though, had completely disappeared.  Even now, no-one knows what became of them.  56 years later to the day, you were born...'

* * *
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