If a picture paints a thousand words...this one just about says it all.
This was truly a very, very special moment indeed for me.  One of the best.
I reckon it's worth a blogposting all on its own.

But, just for good measure, here's great-nephew Arthur with his Mam - also taken today.
Isn't he just AMAZING?
* * *
A very BIG, great-uncle style, Thankyou to everyone who's been in touch about Arthur.  I've passed on your good wishes.

And isn't it nice to hear from Natasha again - after all this time!  Hi, Natasha.

Oh the places you'll go....
* * *
* * *
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mim said...

Hi Ian,

He's gorgeous!
Margaret x

Natasha said...

Hi Ian - Make sure Arthur gets his own copy... Oh the Places You'll Go!! :)