Say Hello to Arthur William Scott.
He was born late last night and is the first child of my niece Anna and her husband Mike.
Which makes him my great-nephew.
Isn't he l o v e l y?
(Mike, by the way, is the man jumping for joy in one of the wedding photos on blog 568.) 

Here he is with his mam, who is also lovely.
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Bentonbag said...

I realised a few years ago that I'm a great aunt of sorts as my first husband's (RIP) niece has three children. I decided that my taste for sweet sherry was now appropriate and haven't looked back since.

This is the Carmarthenshire Blessing which also seems appropriate:

I wish you health, sufficient wealth, a happy home and freedom,
And may you always have good friends
And never have cause to need 'em.

Ian Robinson said...

Thankyou very, very much Brenda

Natasha said...

Congratualations Ian, what a bonny lad! And a fine name as well!
Natasha x

Val said...

What a lovely wee baby. Is he really your great-nephew or grand-nephew? One can have grand-children so why not grand nieces and nephews? Are we great aunts and uncles, or grand aunts and uncles? Either can sip a sherry.