I happened to be down on Newcastle's Quayside today - just as the Millennium Bridge performed its daily ballet.  I keep forgetting what a startling work of art and engineering it is.
(For the uninitiated, the bridge opens at midday, every day.)

* * *
Two brooms were hanging in the cupboard and after a while they got to know each other so well, they decided to get married.

One broom was, of course, the bride-broom, the other the groom-broom.

The bride-broom looked very beautiful in her white dress.

The groom-broom was handsome and suave in his morning suit.

The wedding was lovely.

At the reception after the wedding, the bride-broom leaned over and said to the groom-broom, 'I think I am going to have a little broom!'

'Impossible!' said the groom broom.

Wait for it...

'We haven’t even swept together!'

(Don’t blame me - blame Brenda.)
* * *
A friend pointed me in the direction of an ingenious website that featured these ideas for 'the most frustrating designs for everyday things'.  They made me smile...

I want to possess them.  All of them. 
* * *
 * * *
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Sid said...

It was on the 5th of December 2013 when 80,000 litres of flood water entered the plant and control room of the iconic bridge. The Tyne was at it's highest since the mid 19th century. The bridge was out of action for several weeks.
It's always the 'What If' unanswered questions that catch you out.

Ian Robinson said...

Clever clogs