My nephew Peter and his partner Vicky finally decided - after 19 years together - that it was time to make it official and get married.  And they did it in what can only be described as style.
The venue was Askham Hall in Cumbria and the event lasted all weekend and took over the entire hotel.  
I was there the whole time and I'm already looking forward to a lifetime of recollecting the amazingly happy memories that Peter and Vicky laid on for us there.

Peter and Vicky
* * *
The bride and groom prepare...

* * *
The bride's ready...

I really love this picture
* * *
 The ceremony...

 The bloke on the left is Steven, Peter's best man
 Peter's dad - my brother Barry - does his reading

 * * *
At each table...
 ...there was a small bottle of Robinson's Damson Gin...
 ...and a presentation box of locally-made fudge.
Each place-setting included a photo - these are Barry's and his wife Jean's
* * *
I love this picture too - it's of Mike, my niece Anna's husband
* * *
The bride and the groom after the ceremony...

 * * *

 * * *
 There's a kind of postscript to all this.
When I checked out of the hotel on the Sunday, I managed to leave with my roomkey.  Today, I finally got round to returning it.  I drove over to Askham (which is a few miles south of Penrith) to hand it back in person.  And I couldn't have chosen a better day.  Sunny, warm and almost cloudless - a comparatively rare combination for the Lake District.
And as soon as I arrived, the memories of that wonderful weekend came flooding back...
* * *
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Sid said...

What a treat finding this today.The photo's are superb, and enriched by the quantity.
The fact that I managed to weld my scrambled egg to the bottom of the pan whilst going through them all was a small price to pay.

Val said...

Like Syd, so glad to see you back. And well worth the wait.

Sid said...

You mentioned recollecting happy memories Ian....strangely I did that last night. I listened to a couple of hours of your 60th birthday radio show,broadcast on the Thursday (recorded on the Tuesday).
It was great to remember how many folks had sent you cards, not only locally, but literally from around the world.
The irreplaceable Hildie had sent you a carrier bag full of presents, which you took great delight in sharing with us throughout the program.
It is still great listening.

Ian Robinson said...

Sid and Val - thanks for your comments. To be honest, I wasn't quite sure how many truckshunters would even notice me creeping quietly back...

I'd completely forgotten about that! Can I have a copy? It would be so nice to bring those memories of Hildie.
Hmmm. I feel so sad.

Sid said...

I'll sort that for you Ian, hopefully by the next time we meet.