You know you’re getting old when you not only lose track of the time of day but even of the day itself.  Throughout this morning - during which I was happily helping my neighbour assemble his new IKEA bookshelves - I could have sworn that today was Monday…

Which is why, uncharacteristically, I arrived at the AGM in Saltwell Towers a little late.  Well OK - very late.  A previously unheard of phenomenon, I know.

But my flagging faith in human nature - especially my own - was fully restored when I discovered (once again) that not everyone has my appalling record of tardiness; Brenda, Linda, Keith and Sid had been there since the appointed hour.

As usual, it was good too see them.  AGMs are thin on the ground these days and I reckon we all enjoyed catching up, as we always do.  There was plenty of laughter around, which is always a good sign!

And Saltwell Park is looking positively ravishing!

There’ll be another AGM in June, all other things being equal and if my memory is up to it.

And apologies again for my lateness to Brenda, Linda, Keith and Sid.
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