The combined ages of myself and my brother, whom you see arrayed in the full regalia of Championship Jarpdom in the previous posting, is 134 (for the moment, at least).  Which means we pose no threat at all to the Tweed family, who have achieved a worldwide record of which I was previously unaware:  they are apparently the oldest sibling group on Earth.

Take a deep breath…
Cynthia isn't in this photograph.  Perhaps she was taking it.

Elsie is 95, her brother Reginald is is 92, their brother Robert is 91, their sister Cynthia is 89, their brother Ralph is 87, their brother Noel is 85, their brother Eric is 83, Their brother Ronald is 82, their brother Malcolm is 81, their sister Valerie is 79, their sister Phyllis is 78 and their sister Eunice is 76.

If you include odd days and months since their respective last birthdays, their collective age (as it were) is 1,019 years and 342 days.

They were all born and raised in and around Coventry, which makes their achievement even more remarkable.

On a sadder note, though…

The world’s oldest person - a Japanese lady called Misao Okawa (above) - died last week, aged 117.  At her birthday in March, she said she owed her longevity to ‘eating delicious things’ and getting plenty of rest.  Which should stand me in good stead.

The oldest person in the world is now Gertrude Weaver (above), who lives in Camden, Arkansas.  She will be 117 on July 4, fittingly enough.

* * *

Here are the answers to Ross’s pub quiz that was featured in blogposting 559.

1  White
2  Heathrow
3  George
4  Queen Elizabeth II
5  Birmingham and London
6  Petrology
7  A motel
8  Thin Lizzy
9  Glockenspiel
10 Arsene Wenger
11 Socrates
12 The player playing as Miss Scarlet
13 Trigonometry
14 Everley Brothers
14 Oslo
15 Mystery
16 Irvine Welsh
17 Angel Falls (which is what the blog photo was of)
18 The Fruit Bat
19 White Marble
20 Dundee United
21 The Ozone Layer
22 SpongeBob SquarePants
23 Stanley Cup
24 Pan Haggerth
25 All types of cake
26 Excessively thin fashion models
27 Kanye West
28 Spartan
29 Twickenham
30 The Hub



How well did you do?  Or not.

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Our next AGM will take place at midday on Tuesday 28 April at the cafe in Saltwell Towers - which is, of course, in Saltwell Park, Gateshead.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

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