It occurred to me that reaching blogposting number 555 must be something of a milestone more significant than 111, 222, 333 or 444.  I’m not entirely sure why I thought this; maybe, for some indeterminate reason, I just assumed that 555 (as opposed to any of the others) had some mystical or even supernatural importance.  After all, it looks as if it ought to.  Not, of course, in remotely the same league as 666 but up there somewhere.

So I did some digging around and discovered just how wrong a man can be...

In Thailand (for example) ‘555’ is used on mobile phones to mean ‘LOL’.  This is because ‘5’ is pronounced ha. So 555 is hahaha.  LOL.

In Mandarin Chinese, on the other hand, the number sequence 555 is pronounced wu wu wu (or, more properly, 嗚嗚嗚) which is said to sound like a person crying.  555 is therefore
considered extraordinarily unlucky - or at least, unspeakably sad.

In electronics, the 555 is a very popular IC which is used as a timer (as everybody knows).  It's most commonly found in an 8-pin DIP form factor.  Obviously.

State Express 555 is a brand of cigarettes that's very popular in Asia. They're manufactured by British American Tobacco.

The Washington Monument in Washington, DC stands 555 feet high.  Interestingly, 555 feet is equivalent to 6,660 inches.

Even more interestingly, US telephone numbers 555-0100 through to 555-0199 are reserved for fictional use only.  Which is why every telephone number discernible on an American film or tv show starts with 555.

But the only ‘mystical’ or ‘spiritual’ associations I’ve been able to find for 555 come courtesy of an American lady called Laurra Warnke.  (Try to ignore the interesting anagram you can make out of her surname.)

This is what she says about the number 555.

‘The energy of 555 sweeps and flows like the tides of the universe.  It is the ever constant change that prepares us for the next new thing.  [You see] the repeating number 555 as a way to remember what you were put on this earth to do.  You are all healers of one type or another.  You are needed to usher in the new wave of energies.  Seeing 555 is a point of remembrance of this change.

When you are vibrationally aligned with this change, you will see 555.  There is nothing bad or good about seeing this number; it is really a small help to you to assist you in remembering your purpose, as all numbers are.  It is correct that all numbers carry their own vibrational energies.  Once you learn about the most notable ones, you will begin to see others.’

Having wasted almost 90 seconds trying to make sense of all that, I decided to grasp the nettle and find out more about Ms Warnke.  (Careful.)

This is part of her self-penned internet cv.

‘Laurra Warnke is an empath and intuitive healer that guides and supports men and women in transitioning from their day jobs to stepping into their purposeful work.

Her passion and purpose is to empower and inspire you to take new actions aligned with your sacred soul blueprint and soul level gifts.

Through Akashic Record readings, energy clearings, and spiritual business mentoring, she works with the Akashic Records to clarify your soul level gifts, clear energetic misalignments, and bring back the passion and spirit to your life.’

This is the stuff of linguistic and semantic nightmares.

There is a woman in the USA who calls herself an empath - presumably along the same lines as psychopath and sociopath; perhaps someone who feels sorry for her, as I do, is a sympath.

She transitions transition into a verb.

She seems to believe that we all have a ‘sacred soul blueprint’ and ‘soul level gifts’.

She can perform ‘energy clearings’ and can ‘clear energy misalignments’.

I need her here now.

Honestly...some people have no shame.

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Sid said...

Ian, this blogposting is a real gem.As I read it dear Hildie sprang to mind, just the kind of thing she would to send to you.

Ian Robinson said...

Thanks Sid - that thought occurred to me, too.

Keith Johnson said...

I have some drains that need unblocking!! What about my chakras??

Ian Robinson said...

Keith - I was hoping you wouldn't mention your chakras. I thought you had some ointment for them...