See question 17...


This is the quiz Ross set for his willing victims last weekend.

Give it a go - it’s a stinker!

1  In the Tour de France, what does the leader of the young rider classification wear?
2  Which airport does the International Airport code 'LHR' refer to?
3  What is the name of Peppa Pig's younger brother?
4  By what name is the detective Jimmy Doyle better known?
5  Which two cities lie at opposite ends of England's Grand Union Canal?
6  What word means ‘the study of rocks’?
7  What type of building was Martin Luther King standing on the balcony of when he was assassinated in 1968?
8  Which Celtic rock band took their name from a character in the Beano?
9  What musical instrument’s name means ‘bell play’ in German?
10 Who is currently the longest serving manager in English League football?
11 Which philosopher famously said ‘the only thing that I know is that I know nothing’?
12 Who rolls first in a game of Cluedo?
13 What is the name of the specific area in mathematics that deals with the relationships of lengths and angles of triangles?
14 Who had a hit with Bird Dog in 1958?
15 Which European city has 40 islands within its limits?

16 Who wrote the novel Trainspotting?
17 What is the name of the world’s highest waterfall (above)?
18 By what other name is the Flying Fox known?
19 From what material is the Taj Mahal constructed?
20 Which Scottish football club is nicknamed 'the Arabs'
21 Which region of the earth's stratosphere traps most of the sun's UV radiation?
22 Which cartoon character lives in Bikini Bottom?
23 What is the name of the trophy awarded to the NHL playoff winners?
24 What is the name of the Northumberland dish consisting of layered potato, onion and cheese?
25 What connects the above?

26 Last week the French government indicated it was likely to support a bill to ban what?
27 Glastonbury has named its headline act for the festival this year. Who is it?
28 Microsoft this week announced it was killing off its much hated Internet Explorer browser and replacing it with a new browser in Windows 10.  What’s the new one called?
29 Which stadium hosted the final match of the Six Nations Rugby Tournament on Saturday?
30 A comic book store in Stanley was recently on fire, but the blaze was judged as ‘not deliberate’.  What was the name of the store?

How many goals for Man Utd did Ryan Giggs score?

From 1978 to 2008, in it’s entire run, how many episodes of Grange Hill were produced?

I only got 9, which isn't much good by any standards.

Answers next time.
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Val said...

I was rubbish at those questions.

Just looking at Facebook, BBC Newcastle - Radio for the North East. Lots of people mentioning how much they miss The Blue Bus and Paul & Ian. Jonathan Miles suddenly moving from the mid morning slot to a weekly show has stirred up skulduggery theories.

Sid said...

I doubt I will ever understand the thinking behind any decisions the BBC makes.

Ian Robinson said...

I'm not on Facebook so all this is news to me. Are people STILL talking about the Blue Bus? After all this time?? Maybe I should expect a call from the BBC some time soon.

Val said...

Yes Paul and Ian are very fondly missed by more people than you realise!

I dipped my toe into Facebook a couple of years ago to see a friend's wedding photos. I've resisted adding too many 'friends' as it can be very time consuming reading their posts as well as posts by organisations you 'like' - such as radio stations, newspapers, the Sage, Northern Sinfonia, TV shows, campaigns for change [eg No More Page 3] etc etc. It can be useful but not essential!

Ian Robinson said...

Maybe I'll give it another try, Val :-)