Pearlysteps - a 12-year-old gelding

Brenda has sent me this offbeat and lightly relevant story…

'Every Saturday I make use of the free Chisholm’s bet voucher in The Journal.

They designate a race meeting and you pick four horses from four different races.  If one of your horses comes in, you get triple odds on the bet; I’m not sure how it works but it’s quite good fun.

I know nothing about horses or racing and I spend none of my own money but it makes Channel 4 Racing interesting!

So every Saturday morning I’m sat there with
The Punter, tea and toast, glasses on, lucky pencil in hand and I ask all my departed friends and family to give me a clue.

Then I choose the horses that remind me of one of them or strike a bell for some other reason.

Last Saturday, Haydock, 5.05  - I spotted ‘Pearlysteps’.

So I thought to myself ‘Well that’s where Hildie must be - going up the Pearlysteps to the Pearly Gates’.

I didn’t get to watch the race because it wasn’t covered and I’ve only just looked it up ...

She came in at 4/1.

I won £2.20 and proceeded to the St Oswald’s Hospice shop at Four Lane Ends where I bought a new blouse and had 21p change.

£1.99 for St Oswald’s Hospice, a new blouse for Brenda - AND 21p loose change. 

Thanks, Hildie.

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