Hildie is quite poorly this evening.  She's been admitted to the University Hospital in Durham City and her family are with her day and night.

It's up to the rest of us to do whatever we can in these distressing and very upsetting times.

Now you may think that you can't do very much; that you're almost impotent and helpless in the face of the difficulties that Hildie and her family are confronting as I type this.

But you're not impotent and helpless.

This is what you can do.

You can concentrate very, very hard on all the wonderful and amazing things that Hildie is.  

A gentle and loving woman.  A thoughtful and loyal friend.  Someone without whom our company of truckshunters - and, indeed, this blog - would never have existed.  

A lady who takes the most enormous pleasure in the simple fact that a disparate group of people - against all the odds, and largely due to her enthusiasm and persuasiveness - manage to come together and enjoy each other's wayward company.

Think hard about how much zest Hildie has for life and for the world; about how much love and consideration she has for those around her.  Including you. 

And think hard about how important you are to her.  After all, she's shown you often enough.

If we do this - if we all concentrate our thoughts and hopes and dreams together - their power will almost make them audible.  And I can assure you that Hildie will hear them and she will smile because of them.

And we will be helping her to climb her mountain.


Serge said...

Un énorme Calins à Hildie de la france...
Bisous de Pépère...

Ian Robinson said...

Serge says...
'A BIG hug for Hildie from France. Kisses from Pépère'.
(Pépère has been his nickname since he was a lad.)

Val said...

I've not met Hildie yet but she's posted to me in the comments, and her personality shines through the blog's pages. Thinking yesterday about the love that surrounds her in the lovely photos of Hildie's birthday, with her family and friends.
Sending my thoughts to her and those who love her xxx

Serge said...

C'est avec une grande douleur que je viens d'apprendre le décès de Hildie, je ne t'oublierais jamais, j'ai gardé tous ces bons souvenirs passés ensemble,tu était toujours a l'écoute des gens. Repose en paix....

Bentonbag said...

Hildie was a lovely lady and I'm so glad she found me on facebook and persuaded me to come truckshunting. I'm grateful to have had the chance to know her. A warm and gentle soul. She will be missed and remembered.

christine browne affleck said...

Hi Ian....remember me...Christine Affleck. Hildie & I first met you though the 'Blue Bus'. Remember the time at the Theatre Cafe (choking incident)?
When I was told about Hildie's passing.....after her family....I thought of you.
Ian you helped her overcome so many issues.....travelling etc.
You were her rock at times!
What a lovely person she was.
Now she is at peace and we will meet again in the future.
xxx <3

Ian Robinson said...

Thanks to everyone who has responded to this posting so kindly and generously. It's wonderful for me to know how very much Hildie was loved and appreciated. Yes - a warm and gentle soul indeed; a lovely person.

(Serge says 'It's with great sadness that I learned of Hildie's death. I will never, ever forget her. I have kept all my lovely memories of being with her in the past.
You were always such a good listener.
Rest in peace...')

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