Our 46th AGM took place last Thursday as planned - which is quite an achievement in itself, considering there'd been no General Secretary Hildie ecouraging a healthy turnout.  But her influence, as well as her memory, ensured that what could have been a painful and uneasy get-together turned out to be an AGM of the usual high standard.

Brenda, Keith and Vivienne were all there to keep things in some sort of order but I'm sure they won't mind my saying that the nicest surprise of all was the presence of Ada - our wonderful Honorary President.  She hadn't been able to attend an AGM for a very long time and it was a fitting tribute to Hildie that she attended this one.  She and Hildie had been close friends and Ada had been in touch with me constantly during Hildie's final illness.

It made us all sooooooooooo happy to see her there.

And, as you can see from a couple of the photos above, Hildie was there, too - and was given pride of place at the table.  A very big Thankyou to Vivienne for having that picture of her enlarged and laminated.  What a star!

So - a sombre wake it most certainly wasn't.

A heartfelt hug to Vivienne, Brenda, Keith and Ada...

* * *
There'll be another AGM in April.
* * *
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