The unfortunate Walle; see below

I hope you’re enjoying Wimbledon as much as I am.  As far as I am concerned, it’s one of those institutions that remains solidly constant in a too-rapidly changing world - like Thornton’s or Gardeners’ Question Time.

Gloriously and meticulously well-organised, mercifully free of sponsorship and advertising hoardings…

White-clad players bowing to the Royal Box; line judges, ballboys and ballgirls immaculately attired and entering/leaving the courts with military precision…

Cream teas, strawberries, pink champagne….

And everything is so spectacularly green; no ludicrously luminous vermilion clay or concrete or cement courts - just honest-to-goodness, totally natural, bright green grass.

I hope that Wimbledon never, ever, ever, ever succumbs to the garish, disorganised vulgarity of the other Grand Slam tournaments.  Some hope, I know.  But a man can dream.

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Don’t forget that our next AGM will take place at 1100 this upcoming Thursday 4 July at Oliver’s Cafe in the Grainger Market.

Think about how unbearable I could make the rest of your life if you don’t turn up…

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There are millions of mawkishly sickening and sentimentally syrupy animal photos on the Internet.  Pictures of dogs cuddling cats, tigers rearing piglets as if they were tiger-cubs, monkeys kissing pigeons, babies hugging rattlesnakes - stuff like that.  Those of you who are susceptible to such crap aren’t going to like this next item one little bit.

As a matter of fact, you may already seen this story elsewhere but I don’t care.  Its absurdity rating on the truckshunter scale ensures its inclusion here.

The competition to find the world’s ugliest dog was held a couple of weeks ago in California - where else?

The winner - a dog called Walle - is pictured above.

In my view, though, almost all of these other contenders are much uglier than Walle...
Aren't they just adorable?

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Here are the answers to the Royal Oak Quiz from posting  465.

01 Toy Story 2
02 Italy
03 Edinburgh and London
04 Chicago, An American In Paris, Casablanca
05 Mullions
06 Motley Crue
07 Stockholm Syndrome
08 Emu
09 Leonardo Di Caprio
10 Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams
11 Dallas
12 Mario
13 Jaden & Will Smith
14 The Guardian
15 The Queen
16 John Lewis
17 The Koran
18 Avocado
19 Robert Vaughn
20 New York
21 Ahoy-hoy
22 Charles and Camilla
23 1509-1547
24 Trelawney
25 Sow



I got a pitiable 11.  How did you do?

Thanks again to Ross for sending me the quiz.

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