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Here is last Sunday’s quiz from the Royal Oak pub in Medomsley.  As usual, a big Thankyou to Hildie’s nephew Ross, who not only sent it to me but drafted it as well.

Clever lad.

01 In 1999, Tom Hanks starred in his first ever sequel. What was it?
02 In 1924, which was the first country in the world to open a motorway?
03 Which two cities are joined by Britain’s A1?
04 Three films whose titles contain the names of cities have won the Best Picture Oscar.  Name one of them.
05 What name is given to the vertical bars dividing the panes of a window?
06 Tommy Lee, who was formerly married to Pamela Anderson, was the drummer in which successful 1980s heavy metal band?
07 What name is given to the psychological condition whereby abducted hostages bond to their captors?
08 What is the largest bird native to Australia?
09 Who plays Jay Gatsby in the recent film adaptation of The Great Gatsby?
10 The French Open concluded last week; who won the men’s singles title and the women’s singles title?
11 Which American city is home to sports teams called the Cowboys, the Stars and the Mavericks?
12 Which computer games character is at the centre of the biggest-selling video games franchise of all time, selling over 722 million worldwide?
13 Who play the father and son team in the new film After Earth?
14 The Observer is the sister paper to which weekday newspaper?
15 Whose portrait has been defaced this week in Westminster Abbey?
16 Which company owns Waitrose supermarkets?
17 What book is divided into 114 suras?
18 What is the main ingredient of guacamole?
19 Who is the only actor to appear in both The Magnificent Seven and Coronation Street?
20 This week in 1665, New Amsterdam was renamed - as what?
21 Thomas Edison is popularly credited with using the word ‘hello’ to answer the phone. But what word or phrase did Alexander Graham-Bell prefer to use?
22 Which Royals have appeared in the Beano this week?
23 Name any year in the reign of Henry VIII
24 What was the name of the squire in Treasure Island?
25 What is the name for a female bear?

In what year did Tesco, Sainsbury's, Safeway, Asda and Gateway first open on a Sunday?

As of last Saturday, how many professional tennis matches has Rafael Nadal competed in?

Answers next time…

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The pictures that adorn this posting were sent to me by Eric and Jean.  They are part of a viral email and, as such, could well be photoshopped fantasies.
So I’d be grateful if someone who has nothing better to do can, firstly, determine if they really exist or not and, secondly, where in the world they are.
Fantasies or not, they’re pretty impressive.
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This astonishing lady has invented a new way to help us oldies to stay fit.  She calls it prancercising.

To find out what’s involved, just click on the link below.  (If it doesn’t work, cut and paste the link into the Search box of your browser.)


Impressive, huh?  Thanks to my old friend Brian for sending me the link.

At the end of our next AGM, I think we should all prancercise down Grey Street just like this, don’t you?

Speaking of which…

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Like it or not, the next AGM will take place at 1100 on Thursday 4 July.  We’ll be mustered at Oliver’s Cafe in Grainger Market.

All of us.

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I shall do my best to be there - but I can't promise to be all there.