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Just for fun - and to herald the slight uplift in the weather - here’s the quiz that Hildie and her mates took part in last weekend.

Round One is ‘general knowledge’ questions.  Round Two is all about ‘birdy’ football names.  Round Three is about Easter.

See how many of these questions you can answer correctly without looking anything up!

01  Who recorded a cover of Blondie’s One Way Or Another for the official Comic Relief song this year?
02  Stella and Pandora are two types of what fruit?
03  In the Beatrix Potter stories, what type of animal is Mr Tod?
04  What is the capital city of Sudan?
05  Diane Youdale is the real name of which of TV’s Gladiators?
06  Which US state was home to the Olympic Games in 1996?
07  In bingo lingo, number 1 is known as who’s eye?
08  Which chemical compound has the formula O3?
09  Which actor played Screech Powers in Saved By The Bell?
10  Who played 276 games for Wimbledon between 1986 and 1994, scoring 107 goals and now hosts the Nigerian version of Deal Or No Deal?
11  In film, who has played characters called John Smith, Tyler Durden and Rusty Ryan?
12  July 14, 1789, saw the storming of which famous prison, kicking off the French Revolution?
13  Name any two of the original Charlie’s Angels (character names)
14  Facebook was founded in which year?
15  In Toy Story, who owned Woody?
16  What age followed the Bronze Age?
17  Which TV series featured a president called David Palmer?
18  How many members were there of the 60s band The Monkees?
19  According to the Beaufort Scale, at least how many miles per hour must wind be travelling to be defined as a hurricane?
20  Which is the first letter of the alphabet that doesn’t appear in any month of the year?

What are the nicknames for these football clubs?
01  Cardiff City
02  Brighton & Hove Albion
03  Bristol City
04  Sheffield Wednesday
05  Norwich City

01  Who was the first person to speak to Jesus after he had risen from the dead?
02  What occasion does Maundy Thursday represent?
03  What Jewish festival takes place near Easter?
04  Which country owns Easter Island?
05  Where did the arrest of Jesus take place?

The tie-breaker question is...
In what year was the Carphone Warehouse founded?  

And the ‘Snowball’ question...
How many stone monoliths have been found on Easter Island?

They’re not easy, are they?

Answers in the next blog.

A BIG Thankyou to Hildie.

(And if anyone else would like to provide a quiz for the blog, feel free to email it to me - with the answers!)

I wonder why pub quizzes like this haven’t caught on in France?


In general, French tv is diabolical.  But in one very important respect, it is far, far superior to ours.

British tv adverts that are supposed to be funny are almost always awful.  The joke is weak and usually embarrassingly childish.  Genuinely funny British tv ads are a great rarity.

On the other hand, French tv adverts that are meant to be funny really are funny.  They are the only reason I enjoy watching French tv when I am there.

As proof of this, I submit the following video link.  Don’t worry - you don’t need to speak French to get the joke.  The link was emailed to me recently, but I foolishly deleted the email.  So Thankyou to whoever the sender was! 


(If the link doesn’t work, cut and paste it into the Search box of your internet browser.)

Why can’t the British make ads as good as that?  What’s your favourite funny ad at the moment?


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