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Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


The weather was insidiously treacherous on Thursday; it was much, much colder than it looked.  Nevertheless, and true to our spirit and our motto, I braved the idle winds and arrived at Thornton’s not really expecting to see anybody there.

This time round, I was graced with the company of Keith (of Keith and Linda fame), Neville and Hildie - although, intriguingly, not all at the same time.

First to arrive - even before me - was Keith.  It was good to see him and to know that, despite an extraordinarily difficult year, he’s kept going strong.  It’s impossible to imagine how hard the things he’s been through have been and I admire him very much indeed.

Keep it up, Keith.  And happy retirement come August!

And give the Company’s hugs to Linda, who had to work and couldn’t attend.

It’s always good to see Neville, too.  He’s already retired, of course, and looks far too happy for his own good.  The man’s feet never seem to touch the ground!  The embodiment, you might say, of truckshunterdom (being the only one of us who professionally deserves the name).

After Neville left, Hildie arrived - although I don’t think it was cause and effect.  Both Hildie and I have only ever missed one AGM - before Christmas, when we got snowed in - and now both of us are hypersensitive about missing another.  So the impeccable and indispensable Hildie attended, even though she’d already done a morning’s work.

A small but loyal AGM!

It’s a shame, of course, that more truckshunters can’t attend.  But the AGMs will continue - even if I end up by being the only one there.

But please keep in touch, one way or the other.  Leave a Comment on the blog or send me (or any other truckshunter) an email.  It’s always good to hear how you are.

And a very big Thankyou to Keith, Neville and Hildie for braving the deceptively cold weather last Thursday.


Keith brought with him a whole wodge of aphorisms, axioms, sayings and proverbs for our delectation.  Here are some that caught my eye…

* Sex is like air - it’s not important unless you aren’t getting any.
* No-one is listening until you fart.
* Don’t worry - it’s only kinky the first time.
* We are born naked, wet and hungry and get our bums slapped - then things just get worse.
And some more….

* A mummy covered in chocolate and nuts has been discovered in Egypt.  Archaeologists think it may Pharaoh Roche…
* Two Indian junkies accidentally snorted curry powder instead of cocaine.  One’s in a korma, the other has a dodgy tikka….
And some awful puns…

* I thought I saw an eye-doctor on an Alaskan Island but it was only an optical Aleutian.
* No matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationery.
* Two hats were hanging on a hat-rack.  One says to the other ‘You stay here, I’ll go on ahead…’
* I wondered why the cricket ball kept getting bigger.  Then it hit me...
* A Buddhist refuses anaesthesia during a tooth extraction.  His aim?  Transcend dental medication…

If you have any more like these, please keep them to yourself…..


Today - Sunday - is Kev’s birthday, which he shares with Tsar Alexander III, Chuck Norris, Sharon Stone, Prince Edward and Osama bin Laden.

So let’s hear it - all together now…



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Hildie said...

Hope you have had a lovely birthday, Kev. x

Kev said...

Another person I shasre my birthday with is my brother, and no, we aren't twins. A five year old Kev, much to his disappointment, was presented with a baby brother, rather than the dog he had wished for.
I am happy to say that I soon changed my mind (but don't tell him I said it)

Hildie said...

I think that's rather lovely, Kev! It was good planning as well!
I know you didn't get a day to yourself but it must have been good sharing the excitment of birthdays together.
You would have been proud of us the other day, mind .....
the AGM was a very mathmatical one
.... under discussion were things like Trigonometry, Geometry and Measurment .... we did a bit on Pythagoras' Theorem .... and we debated about why we measure the height of mountains in feet. It was all very interesting ... I surprised myself by coming out with "The square on the side of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the opposite two sides." The credit for my knowing this must surely go to Miss Younger, my GCE Maths Teacher ... woe betided us if we didn't learn it! However, the focus of the AGM was really on the word 'WHY?' No-one knew exactly why we had to know about such stuff. Last week's AGM may have been the first time I had found it useful to know the theorem!
Anyway, our Maths discussion caused much fun and laughter
and i was thinking that you could no doubt have put us right about a few things.

Hildie said...

Happy Birthday
today .... to
Mietek Padowicz...
alive and well in
Byker. I'm
very sure we
Truckshunters will
get to meet you
one of these days.

Hildie said...

Today is the
1,326th Anniversary
of the death of St. Cuthbert

... you knew that, didn't
you, Ian?

Hildie said...

p.s. Dave Shannon has been in touch to tell me that Cuddy Ducks
(i.e. Eider Ducks) are called after St. Cuthbert ... who gave them protection on the Farne Islands in the 7th Century.

p.p.s. Tickets,to see
The Lindisfarne Gospels,
went on sale at Durham today. Hundreds of cultural events,
across the region, will coincide
with the three month visit
(July, August, September)
of the gospels to Durham.

There you go!