When I clicked on the internet link below (which Serge sent to me on New Year’s Eve) and watched the astonishing artistic endeavours of the people featured on it, I decided, there and then, that there was no better way of starting 2013.

I was watching it as Big Ben struck midnight and I’ve watched it again several times since.

To find out why, just click on the link and watch it yourself.


(If the link doesn’t work, select it then cut and paste it into the Search box of your internet browser.)


If that wasn’t enough to give you nightmares - and if you’re still bored to tears and looking for something mind-bogglingly trivial to do - here’s a list of Happy New Years in Albanian, Alsatian, Armenian, Basque, Bosnian, Breton, Catalan, Cornish, Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Erse, Esperanto, Faroese, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Hawaiian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Latin, Luxembourgeouis, Maori, Norwegian, Occitan/Provençal, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Welsh.

But they’re not in the right order.  To win a fabulous prize of absolutely nothing at all, try matching each Happy New Year to its language.

Frohes neues Jahr / prosit Neujahr
urte berri on

gëzuar vitin e ri
e glëckliches nëies / güets nëies johr
bonne année
boldog új évet
sretna nova godina
bon any nou
pace è salute
šťastný nový rok
godt nytår
ath bhliain faoi mhaise
feliĉan novan jaron
bledhen nowedh da
onnellista uutta vuotta
gelukkig nieuwjaar
gott nytt år
feliz año nuevo
bloavezh mat / bloavez mad
shnorhavor nor tari
bon annada
gelukkig nieuwjaar
hauoli makahiki hou
blwyddyn newydd dda
gott nýggjár
kia hari te tau hou
sretna nova godina
bliadhna mhath ur
gleðilegt nýtt ár
felice anno nuovo / buon anno
e gudd neit Joër
godt nyttår
feliz ano novo
felix sit annus novus

Happy New Year…

(...and for Heaven's sake, don't forget that AGM XXXIX takes place at 1200 on Wednesday 9 January at the Lit and Phil and The Milecastle...)


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Val said...

Yes that couple in the link certainly look Astonishing! No wonder you've watched it a few times, it's hard to believe your eyes! Cheered me up no end.

Up late as my head's all over the place at the moment so need a calming cuppa before bed. Things were settling down for my Mam at the end of a dreadful year. But she was poorly over Christmas and I ended up going with her in an ambulance to the RVI at 2am Sunday. Even at that hour she was joking with the paramedics. She was stable but Wednesday wasn't so good.

If things were different I'd love to have met up at The Milecastle as I love my real ale. I'm also saving my holidays this year as we're off for a month to New Zealand for our son's wedding in the spring - their autumn.

Thanks so much for the lovely message in the post below Hildie. We'll get together sometime I'm sure. And Brenda's lovely words too.

Anonymous said...

I hope that's a promise, Val, and I hope things are looking up for your Mam now.
The link you gave us, Ian ....
it's so funny. Weren't we good?

I'm wishing a Happy Birthday for today, 3rd January, to Dave Shannon. I saw on facebook that it's your birthday ... I hope you've enjoyed yourself, mind!
Woe betide you if you haven't!

When I wrote my comment the other day, about Truckshunters I have already had the pleasure of meeting and Truckshunters I still hope to meet, there was one name I didn't include because, in all honesty, I never imagined we'd ever be able to meet him.
Little did I know that, that very evening, I'd be sitting on my sofa in Dipton and that I'd would start a conversation with him (on facebook)
while he was travelling on a train towards NYC!!!
Believe this or not but Meitek and his wife Naomi are at this moment journeying to Newcastle upon Tyne -
and all their furniture is travelling along behind them (ten days behind them in fact) ... and yes, they are coming to Newcastle to live!!
He said they'd love to join us Truckshunters for a get-to gether.
In particular, he mentioned you Ian, and Maureen and Sid who he must remember from way back to the beginning of the Truckshunter Blog.
How's about that then for today's Truckshunter news?!!!!

Sid said...

Our very own Miss Marples couldn't have done any better Hildie. That was brilliant news.

Hildie said...

It was a pure accident, Sid ....
I couldn't believe they were sending messages from that train.
They do not arrive in Newcastle until 11th January.

I hope everyone in your house is well, Sid. Love to Jean and Gilly.
How's things in the allotment?

I'm off now to watch Celebrity Big Brother.