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My pointless and disrespectful musings on the first names of US athletes has been well and truly trumped.  So, for a genuine truckshunter’s-eye-view of the Games, I would highly recommend our very own Olympics commentator - Val.

If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at the description of her visit that she’s posted in the Comments box of the last blogposting - number 384.

A little gem of joy that seems to capture the Olympic spirit perfectly.

Thanks, Val.  I loved it.


The English language has more words in it than any other language on Earth.  Inasmuch as this is so - and it is - I suppose it’s inevitable that quite a few of them fall by the wayside through lack of use.  Or because not enough people are even aware of their existence.

It’s not as if the words in question aren’t useful, either.  What’s not to like about ‘jobler’ - someone who does small jobs?  Or ‘riviation’ - fishing?  Or ‘historiaster’ - a contemptible historian?  Or ‘frutescent’ - like a shrub?

Admit it - haven’t you seen quite a few frutescent things today - perhaps whilst jobling?

With all this in mind, a particularly esoteric friend of mine - who really should get out more - has suggested that, if we happy band of truckshunters wish to make a mark on the wider world, it should be in the realm of ‘word preservation’; we should make it our business, in this conservation-minded era, to ensure that no more words become extinct and thus deprive us of an interesting way of saying something.

So yes, this yet another truckshunter campaign.

SOW.  Save Our Words.

This is how it works…

Once in a while here on the blog, I’ll mention a word I’ve discovered that I think deserves to be saved from extinction.  Our collective job will be to use these words as much as we can, thus ensuring their continued survival.  How noble - and how simple - is that?

My first nomination for preservation is…

SUCCISIVE - ‘pertaining to spare time’.

Thus:  ‘In succisive moments, I knit or go scuba diving - occasionally at the same time’.  Or  ‘On succisive days I enjoy pulling the legs off crane-flies and feeding them to my gerbil.’

My second nomination is…

VULTUOUS - ‘having a sad or solemn expression’.

Thus:  ‘Everyone looked totally vultuous when they saw Paul Wappat wearing only his underwear’.  Or ‘I could only look vultuously on as he tore the legs off crane-flies…’.

It’s as easy as that.

Don’t forget that you can unearth neglected words yourself and nominate them for preservation.  You can do this via the Comments box or preferably by email.

Get to it - adimpleate the blog!


Our august August AGM will take place at about 1030 or so on Wednesday 29 at the Tanfield Railway.  Bring a shovel.  And an endangered word to use.


Post comments on this blog or email me:  truckshunters@googlemail.com

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Anonymous said...

My favourite word is 'indubitably'.
love from Hildie.