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Our thirty-second truckshunter AGM took place earlier today as planned - at the Newcastle Art Centre.  This time, it was open - although I’m not sure whether they were as pleased as we were about that. 

And we were very pleased indeed - and for several reasons.

Firstly, our traditional AGM sunshine was nowhere to be seen.  Instead, it rained and kept on raining throughout the proceedings.  We were thus forced to invade the Art Centre’s café - the rather nice Gallery Café.  (There’s an exhibition gallery there, too, but we didn’t invade that.)
Vivienne, Hildie, Nev and Brenda

Secondly, we were graced by the company of not one but two new Truckshunters, both of whom went to the trouble of getting soaked to the skin in order to attend.  So both Brenda and Stephen deserve medals the size of several skillets for braving both the weather and the unknown!

I think that the more ‘hardcore’ members of our august fellowship who where there - Hildie, Vivienne, Nev and me - made them feel welcome and I know that they’ll agree that the splendid time guaranteed for all was enhanced by their presence.  Which makes it sound much duller than it was. 

They were full of stories and reminiscences of the ‘good old days’ of Paul and Ian; memories which stretched back to the earliest Saturday morning appearances of the Tipsy Duchess, my time on Traffic and Travel, the local history programme Roots of the North-East, the scandalous ‘trail-lines’ Paul and I used to do - and, of course, the Big Blue Bus.

If there was any justice in the world, one or more of these redoubtable features would still be audible on BBC Radio Newcastle.  There isn’t, though.

The agenda - more or less the first ever - had to be jettisoned.  After all, it’s just not possible to tango in the rain and be taken seriously; and wet planking would have got us arrested.  They are both in abeyance for next time, though.  You have been warned.

As for Truckshunter Tongue-Twister Torture….I printed out the tongue-twisters that Martin sent me, and which I featured in blogposting 346, but left the print-out on my computer table at home.  Nobody’s perfect.

And anyway - as you’d expect - conversation didn’t flag at all.
Vivienne, Hildie, Nev, Brenda, me and Stephen

I enjoyed every moment of it and hope that we can all meet again  - with even more newcomers - at AGM XXXIII, which will take place in June at Birkheads Nursery.

A big, big Thankyou to Hildie, Vivienne, Brenda, Nev and Stephen for an awesome AGM.


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Ellie said...

Oh, I'm so glad you had a good AGM and I'm gutted, not to have been able to attend. I would love to have been there.
Still, I finish work at present employer's office on 31st May so perhaps June may see me at the meeting. (now WHERE is Birkheads ....) x x x x

Ellie said...

ps: I should be able to find it as I used to live in Kibblesworth and its over there somewhere.....fingers crossed x