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The pictures on this posting are of the amazing work of a Russian man called Sergei Bobkov, who has developed his own unique way of creating stunningly lifelike sculptures out of Siberian wood-chips (of all things).

First of all, he studies the anatomy and habits of the animal he’s going to sculpt.

Then he puts the wood-chips - which are mostly cedar and pine but can sometimes be willow or beech - into water for a few days.  Then carefully - very carefully - he rolls the chips out to form feathers or fur.  A single sculpture can take six months to make - and that’s only if he works all day, every day.

This means that, although he’s been creating these astonishing works of art for several years, there are still only 11 of them.

And none of them are for sale.  Sergei has been offered £10,000 for one but has said his works will never be for sale.

Aren’t they lovely?


I’ve had a fulsome and elegant apology from Val about her non-appearance at the last AGM, and about how disappointed she was.  I think it’s worth quoting most of it verbatim because it opens a small but interesting window into the life of yer average truckshunter.

‘When I saw that the next AGM was on a Thursday, I thought that at last I'd be able to go - since last year I don't work on Thursdays.

However, I've an appointment this Thursday which I might've been able to rearrange to last Thursday. But being the only one at work with a sewing machine, my day off last week was spent making a surprise outfit for a friend at her retirement party next week. Apparently she's always wanted to wear a tutu!

I'm so disappointed not to be able to go - and another really interesting venue!  I've never been to Newcastle Arts Centre so look forward to reading your report.

Oh I just remembered, I was looking at Argos’ website earlier and noticed their 'Reproductive' Telephone Table. Would that be ‘Buy One Get one Free’ then?

I'm sure you'll have a great time on Thursday, please pass on my apologies and I'll do my best to join you all someday.’

Thanks for being so comprehensively apologetic, Val.  As you’ll know by now, the Newcastle Art Centre will have to wait for another AGM - it was closed!  So - tutus permitting - you may still be able to join us when we venture through their front door for a second attempt.

(Incidentally - what did your friend think of her tutu?  Any pictures?)

And I really liked the item from the Argos catalogue….


Those of a nervous disposition may want to skip this bit.

Dave Shannon - for it is he - has sent me some jokes about the recent Costa Concordia disaster.  They are politically incorrect and in the most appalling bad taste - good enough reasons, as far as I am concerned, for me to pass them on to you.

How do they serve alcoholic drinks on Italian cruise ships?
On the rocks

What vegetables do you get with dinner on Italian cruise ships?

What's the fastest way to get off an Italian cruise ship?
Follow the captain

When the captain of the ill fated
Costa Concordia was asked if he knew where he was going he replied ‘off course’.

So the captain of the
Costa Concordia will soon be in the dock - which is more than can be said for his ship.

The captain says he is not guilty of manslaughter. He has witnesses to prove he was nowhere near the passengers who died.

Costa Concordia is probably the most expensive thing to go down in Italy since Berlusconi's last hooker.

I’m particularly sorry about that last one.


Almost as if to make amends, Dave has also sent me a link to one of the gentlest videos I’ve seen so far this year.  It’s almost as touching as David Attenborough’s scene with the Ugandan gorillas in Life on Earth.

Those of a nervous disposition can look back now.

Just click the link below or cut-and-paste it into your web browser.  You’ll love it.


As you watch the video, bear in mind that - as Dave points out - there are only about 720 mountain gorillas left in the wild.  Guess which other creature is responsible for their catastrophic decline in numbers...


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Val said...

I thought my AGM apology was a bit wordy for the comments box, so it appeared anyway :):)
Yeah the tutu went down amazingly well! I'd never heard her express her desire to wear one but she was delighted. The pink tutu, tied with a bow, was topped off with a pair of fluffy wings, tiara and wand. The other 12 of us also had glittery wings and matching wands - a new experience for most of us but not unusual, I suspect, for the Village Hotel's party nights. Gloria's an amazing lady, now in her late 60's she's coped with rheumatoid arthritis for 15 years. She boogied the night away thanks to plenty of painkillers!
I've no pictures myself but am hoping to have some passed on if Glo doesn't mind going world wide!

Ian Robinson said...


Serge said...

j'adore les photos,les sculptures en bois sont magnifique,quelle beau travaille un grand merci,d'ailleur sergei en français c'est serge non?encore un artiste éhéhéhéh
bisous xxxxx

Hildie said...

I loved the gorilla video ... in fact I might go and watch it again!
Dave is another Truckshunter, Val, who has assured me he intends to come to an agm one of these days!
And .... Tony James Gray ...
now there's someone else who would like to come and join us.
Hopefully, when Spring has sprung, we'll get to meet the three of you. That would be lovely.

Val .... I also grew up indoctrinated by all those superstitions you've mentioned. There was one about when you could and couldn't cut your nails ....
Cut them on Monday-
cut them for health,
Cut them on Tuesday-
cut them for wealth,
Cut them on Wednesday-
cut them for news-
Cut them on Thursday-
a new pair of shoes,
Cut them on Friday-
cut them for sorrow,
Cut them on Saturday-
see your truelove tomorrow,
Cut them on Sunday-
and ill luck will be with you all week.

Hildie said...

What do you give a train driver for Christmas?

Platform shoes.

Sid said...

If ASLEF had a hand in it Hildie it would have been £100 per day.....(allegedly)

Val said...

Some of us have been getting cross with these hard to read words we have to type as security. Well it turns out we're really doing wonderful things! For the explanation, watch the whole of this video as it's really clever. Copy and paste


Sid said...

Well Val.....
That really was something I didn't know I didn't know.

Ian Robinson said...

Wasn't that interesting?

Vivienne said...

Fascinating! Thanks Val xxx