Vivienne said...

Dear Ian,

I'm so sorry to hear of your mum's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your brother at this very sad time.

All my love,

Vivienne xxxx

Vivienne said...

Hi Hildie,

I've just read your loving and touching epitaph on posting 308. It is such a comfort when someone like you can put into words so eloquently what we would all like to say.

Thank you too for interpreting Serge's message. Sadly I never learned to speak French, so failed to understand his words.

I wish I'd had the privilege of meeting your mum too Ian. She sounded like a wonderful and very special mother. xxxx

Kev said...

My dear friend,
Words do not exist to adequately express my sorrow on hearing the news about your mother.
You, and all those you hold dear, are in my thoughts

Serge Guinet said...

MAM et belle et resteras belle,au paradis elle seras la reine.ces yeux sont regard et sa chevelure flotte dans les airs,et je l'entend me dire,je suis si légère maintenant,je me sens mieux,je part rejoindre mes proche que j'aime la haut je voit tout,je vous surveille mes fils,je vous aiment,je resterais toujours avec et a côté de vous.... MAM

je garderais toujour en tête,se jolie petit jardin et sa pause café avec MAM et IAN....des souvenir ancrés dans ma tête pour la vie.....
Bisous BB

Loz said...

So very sorry to hear this sad news Ian.... All my most sincere condolences to you... you know where I am if you want a natter.... take care...Lawrence

Linda South Shields said...

Dearest Ian, Keith and I are so very sad to hear of your mam's passing. How your heart must be aching. We are all holding you very close to our hearts and I shall remember your mam in my prayers. May she truly rest in perfect peace, all pain gone. If you need me just whistle. xxx

mim said...

Dear Ian,

What a beautiful lady.

I am thinking of you,

Margaret x

Neville said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time.