AGM XXIX-and-a-half will take place at 1100 this upcoming Wednesday 26 October in the cafe at Saltwell Towers, in Saltwell Park, Gateshead.

How extraordinary it turns out to be will very much depend on who turns up!

Post comments on this blog or email me:  truckshunters@googlemail.com


Ellie said...

I would LOVE to join you but Wednesdays are out for me as I work, Mon ~ Wed. I think I will try and swap days with my colleague for the one after this.

Hildie said...

Hi Sid ...... thank you .... for your much-appreciated and very kind offer of a lift to Saltwell Towers tomorrow
..... I still have Liam at home, after his accident, and he has said he will drop me off .... but thank you again ... and I'm looking forward to seeing you .... it's been ages! Hope all is well in the poly-tunnel!

See you all soon. X

Hildie said...

Friends are like stars ....
no matter where you go
or what you do,
they are always there.

Re Blog 310:
such a pity the Metropolitan Police stopped those visitors taking that magic wand into the
Houses of Parliament.

Ian Robinson said...

It's true what you say about friends, Hildie. But unfortunately, the wording of your comment had reminded me of a childish litany I knew years ago...
Your teeth are like stars - they come out at night.
Your eyes are like pools - Hartlepools.
Your ears are like flowers - cauliflowers.
I'm sure there were many more...