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Proceed with caution...

Over the last few weeks, I’ve received quite a few emails that feature interesting - or just plain odd - photographs.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to share two of those emails with you…

By her own admission, truckshunter Lynne doesn’t get in touch with me very often or very regularly; only, in fact, when she discovers what she calls ‘something startling’.  And ‘Planking’ is certainly startling.

As you can hopefully see from these pictures, the idea is to lie rigidly face-down in as unlikely - and as difficult - a place as you can find and then have yourself photographed doing it.

I love crazes like this, which show the innate absurdity, and deeply comical, aspects of the human condition.

They also show just how daft we are.

 If you want to give planking a whirl, send me a photo and I’ll feature it on the blog.

And I definitely think that planking is something we should try doing at the next AGM.  I can hear your enthusiasm from here.

A friend of mine has directed me to a website that features these amazing inventions for which a market has yet to be found.

I think they’re terrific…

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Serge’s blog.  In his latest postings, you can see some awesome photographs of ice- and sand-sculptures, as well as pictures - and even a video - of the recently-acquired (and pleasingly productive) hens, the most troublesome of which is called Hildie.

Just click on Serge’s image in the Followers block on this page, then on the name of his blog in the pop-up window.

(You can read an introduction to this dangerous and subversive new feature in blogposting 295.)

I’m glad to say that it will soon be time to continue our online journey round the world, taking our by now traditional sideways look at each country we visit.  Having done the dirty on Afghanistan in posting 298, we’ll be paying a visit to Albania in the next few days.

So now’s the time to do some serious internet surfing and library-browsing to see what obscure and surprising facts you can dig up.  After all, the publishers of the Lonely Planet Guides have rated Albania as the top place to visit in 2011 - so there must be something there that’s worth going to see and facts about it that are worth searching out.

Like fr’instance...

Albania is the 58th happiest country in the world, which makes its citizens happier than those of Russia, Ukraine and Tanzania but not nearly so smugly content as the people of El Salvador, New Zealand or (especially) Malta, which apparently has the happiest population on Earth.

Send whatever luscious snippets you can find to me as soon as possible.  I’m expecting great things: don’t let me down.

(And thanks to the three people who are enthusiastic enough to have contacted me already!)

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Linda South Shields said...

I'm familiar with "Planking" as I work with people who follow this past time. I can often be heard remarking what total planks they are !

Sid said...

This 'craze' claimed it's first death in Australia, earlier this year. The man, in his 20's, fell from a 7th floor balcony railing whilst planking...

Hildie said...

I'd give anything for those
I'm off to take a peek at my namesake ... I've seen photos of her (and her two friends) before, but not a video!

Ellie said...

Like Linda I've seen some photographs of plankers (I have spelled that right, haven't I?) including my son........
Yeah Yeah Hildie, I could add to my collection of 54 pairs of shoes!!!
Hello Ian - I know I'm one of the occasional ones but I'm still devoted, honest x x x