Today, 2 August, is Sid’s birthday.

Sid has been a fully-active truckshunter since well before the idea even entered my head - way back in those insomniac days of The Nightshift. Indeed, it was many of his ideas, or his lively responses to other people’s ideas and queries, that kept the programme going.

Even back then, I think I recognised, in my contacts with him, that Sid was a rather special bloke. His messages were packed with humour and keen observation - and that sense of wonder and curiosity so essential to survival in a world which is often unhappy and never easy at the best of times.

I’m really glad that Sid was one of the people who kept the flame alive after The Nightshift ended. And I’m even gladder that he chose me to be his friend. I’m honoured.

Happy Birthday, Sid. From all of us.


Sid said...

I'm speechless, and that is a rare event. Thanks Ian.

Hildie said...

I hope you had a lovely day, Sid,
you deserve it.