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Many of you have noticed that blogposting 207 now comes after blogposting 208 and have asked me why this is so.

Well, there’s a perfectly simple reason. I just don’t know what it is.

...took place as planned on Wednesday 7 July at Mike and Pauline’s Coffee Van on Newcastle Quayside. So first up, a big thankyou to them for making us so welcome - and for joining in the AGM themselves.

‘Us’ was our Honorary President Ada, Hildie, Vivienne, Ellie and Nev, who joined us for the first time since we all met at the Tanfield Railway last year. Oh, and I was there, too.

I enjoyed it immensely - but that’s probably because I did most of the talking. I don’t know what came over me. I apologise to all those people who slipped away looking as if they’d been talked to death.

Here is a splendid list of misnomers sent to me by Peter of South Shields. Isn’t it wonderful how the English language manages to mangle so many of the foreign words it imports?
- a Bombay duck is a fish
- pumpkins aren’t small (despite the -kin ending) and they don’t pump
- Latin mussirio became ‘mushroom’
- Jerusalem artichokes are not artichokes and don’t come from Jerusalem
- currants take their name from the Greek city of Corinth (unless they are blackcurrants or redcurrants, which don’t)
- gooseberries have nothing to do with geese
- humble pie has nothing to do with humility
- rosemary (the plant) has nothing to do with roses or Mary
- on a US menu, ‘Rocky Mountain oysters’ are bulls’ testicles
- catgut is not made from the guts of cats
- Panama hats don’t come from Panama
- the Hundred Years War lasted 116 years
- the Canary Islands are named after dogs

The next AGM will take place on at 1100 on Thursday 12 August at Grey’s Monument.

A splendid time is (almost) guaranteed for all.

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Ellie said...

Yes, indeed, a BIG thank you to Mike and Pauline - it was lovely to meet them and the coffee was really good.
I hope you don't think I sneaked away having been out-talked. Just that I had ordered the taxi to pick me up at 12noon. Apologies and you should know that I would NEVER sneak away from the Laird!! See you at the next one.

joven said...
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Hildie said...

Hi .... it's me, Hildie ...
sorry I've been missing a little while .. oh, it's my "Big Brother"
That's my excuse ...
where is everyone?
I hope you are all okay!
It was good to see fellow truckshunters at the
"Coffee on the Quayside" AGM ... thanks go to Mike and Pauline for their hospitality. We must do it all again sometime! And, Ian, could you EVER talk too much?! Don't forget, listening to you was what brought us all together in the first place. Still miss you on the radio, to this day!

Sid said...

I'm still here as well Hildie. Glad that the last agm went well.
Meeting Ian for the first time...All I wanted to do was close my eyes and listen to him talk.