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*Shiraz Engineer (and friends)
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As you may have noticed from the Comments already posted to blog 201, AGM XVI took place as planned last Wednesday, 2 June at Birkheads Nursery (and Secret Garden), not far from Beamish and the Tanfield Railway.

One way or another, it was quite an occasion.

For a start, the sun burst forth in all its June glory and, for more or less the first time in ages, it didn’t feel and look like a wet Sunday in November. The sun has a habit of doing this whenever we hold an AGM at Birkheads. I think someone’s trying to tell us something, although who and what remains a mystery.

Even more notable than the sunshine, though, was the appearance of two AGM virgins (as it were).

Linda Grierson (known by me since Blue Bus days as ‘Linda from South Shields’) graced us with her presence. And it was terrific to see her after all these years. I’m glad to say she retains her off-the-wall sense of humour and all-round good nature from those days; her mere presence brought a lot of affectionate and warm memories flooding back to me.

Of course, that’s exactly what AGMs are all about; the feel-good factor.

Speaking of which, the amazing Alison Best was there for the first time, too. You may remember us featuring her once or twice on Radio Newcastle. She invented what must be classed as a new art form virtually single-handedly: Impressionist Stencilling. I was gobsmacked by its beauty and style from the first moment I saw it and have shown it on this blog in the past.

It was wonderful to have her company at last - and, as you can tell from her Comment to posting 201, she seems to have enjoyed it, too!

If the truth be told, everyone there had a great time. Vivienne, Hildie, Hilary and Gerry (aka our Poet Laureate, J Arthur Smallpiece) collectively reduced the AGM to its usual state of thought-provoking conversation somehow coupled with the joyful mayhem that are the happy hallmarks of truckshunter AGMs.

A toast of coffee and cakes was drunk to absent friends who, I hope, may be able to make the next AGM; see below.

Oh, and Polly came too.

And a big, big thankyou to Birkheads Nursery (and lovely Secret Garden) and its customers for putting up with us yet again.

For several years a couple in Northamptonshire have been collecting, on a purely ad hoc basis, what they consider to be the oddest names of real people. Their list includes:
*Shiraz Engineer
*Dionysius Exiguus
*Jazz Cool
*Muslim Contractor
*Dr Preston Thor Miracle
*Taffeta Scrimshaw
*Marsland Gander
*Alexis Nethercleft
*Florizel Glasspole

As you may have noticed from Hildie’s Comment to posting 201, the date, time and venue of the next AGM have already been set. We will foregather at 1100 on Wednesday 7 July at Mike and Pauline’s Yellow Coffee Van on Newcastle’s Quayside. It’s situated at The Swirle, a few yards east of the Millennium Bridge, beyond The Pitcher and Piano.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

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Hildie said...

I like the sound of Dr. Miracle, Ian! I'd love an appointment with him! Oh, and you're so right, it was a good day, Wednesday. It's always nice at Birkheads though! I'm just sorry Ada wasn't able to join us ... and I hope she is feeling much better soon. Have you noticed that Linda has managed to leave a comment on Blog 201? She has tried to blog before now, without success .... but she try, try, tried again! And she did it!
.... so well done, Linda!
All's well that ends well!
She'll have to tell Neville how she got started - because he's still having trouble. I would tell him myself, only I honestly can't remember!
Looking forward to DAY FOUR of the Grand Tour.
I'm enjoying the journey.

Ellie said...

Strange names are fascinating - girl at boarding school called Ophelia Bott ~ heavens knows what her parents were thinking - or perhaps they didn't think and lumbered Philly with her name which always brought giggles and smiles when she answered the question 'What's your name?'....
Blog 201 was mindbogglingly brilliant! Forgive no comment but have been busy finishing work!!!!!!!!! and dealing with my wonderful cat Muldoon who had a stroke yesterday. He's on the mend so all crossed.

Kev said...

Regarging the names: a long time ago I once taught a girl called Annette Kerton.
Honestly, what were the parents thinking of?

Vivienne said...

Hi Folks!

Kev, I once met an Annette Kerton but Kerton was her married name. My father used to work with a woman named Penny Chew. Her father was a local comedian named Eddie Chew. So maybe that's why he called her Penny!

Ellie, I'm sorry to hear about your cat, but glad he's on the mend.