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Yes indeed, I agree with everyone’s comments so far. It was a truly memorable get-together in the April sunshine on Wednesday. A perfect venue - a little ivy-bestrewn suntrap tucked away in the corner of a secret garden hideaway concealed in the undulating folds of the north-west Durham hills. (That was a purple patch if ever there was one - long and florid, like so many things in life.)

But it wasn’t just the venue, was it? Our hosts were truly accommodating and the victuals were a great deal more than merely acceptable; plenteous supplies of coffee and - er - cakes and toasties and - er - more cakes...

Naturally - and as you would expect - the quality of the crack was well up to truckshunter standards, if a little too raucously funny at times. In truth, we were almost barred from the premises within five minutes of our arrival for disturbing the peace and tranquillity of the verdant and sylvan surroundings of the secret garden.

So a BIG truckshunters Thankyou from me to Christine and her husband for their good humour and forbearance under very trying circumstances and, of course, to Hildie, Vivienne, Maureen and Sid for being such splendid company. I think we were all a bit surprised to realise that the AGM lasted four whole hours.

So - as we keep saying - don’t be shy. Pop along to an AGM; the more the merrier. Speaking of which...

... will be on Sunday 24 May at the Tanfield Railway, just over the meadows from Birkheads. At least, that’s my proposal. Your comments, as ever, would be welcome. And remember that, as I said in the last posting, if there are any other outings you have in mind, we could convert them into ‘shunts’. I say - what fun!!! What jolly larks!!!

CONTACT ME... PLEASE posting comments on this blog (rather than just reading it - not that there's anything wrong with just reading it, mind you) or email me:

So now we know what Maureen and Sid look like. Who'll be next to put their head (or any other part of their anatomy) above the proverbial parapet?

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Sid said...

The next AGM....what time please.