It's a funny old world...

I've temporarily withdrawn my blogposting 120 because it seems to have created entirely the wrong impression. It was intended to convey a sense of Wow that was fun / I'll miss you / What an awesome experience that was / I hope I never ever forget any of it / It's going to take a while to readjust...

One blogreader, however, interpreted it as a description of me 'going through hell', which is emphatically not where I am right now (as those who attended the first Council Meeting last Friday night will testify).

I'll do some tinkering and re-post it later.

I must be losing my touch - assuming I ever had a touch to lose!


Ellie said...

Your blog 120 was AMAZING and put over exactly as you intended - Wow that was fun.........take a while to readjust..."
It certainly did not give the impression that you 'were going through hell' and perhaps the blogger didn't quite mean that.
May I beg you to put it back - I haven't read anything with such meaning in a very, very long time.
Please reconsider....lots of love, Ellie

Sid said...

The "one blogreader" was me. I read your posting several times Ian and it truly worried me.
I meant what I said, it was how I felt.

mim said...

Hi Ian,

I thought it was brilliant please re-instate it !!

BTW what was the last track you played on wednesday. It was amazing and so lovely?

Love MargaretX

Sid said...

Long stick appears over the edge of the parapet, a square of white nightshirt flutters on the end of it. It is waved gently back and forth in the cold northerly breeze.

Now where was I, oh yes. Inga should be back home by about now. Still without all of the main services, but they have been able to obtain a small generator. She tells me that some of the outlying areas will be without power for several weeks.
And we are about to get a few inches of snow...and probably come to a stand still.

Ian Robinson said...

Sorry Sid I didn't mean to 'get at you' - the white flag isn't needed. I appreciate that your reaction was sincere, which is no more nor less than I would expect :-))
The posting WILL reappear, rest assured! Until it does, I've posted some mind-boggling pictures I've found on the 'Net (via StumbleUpon). Hope you like them..
PS Thanks for asking about the music, Margaret. Quite a few people were curious about it. It's called 'One Day Like This'. It's by a band called Elbow, from their (award-winning) CD 'The Seldom Seen Kid'.